Monday, January 9, 2012

Musings Monday: On Mild Winters

Just something I've noticed on the news and from other people, etc.

I live in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, and as such I'm kind of used to getting, if not slammed by winter and snow, at least a little something per year. I'm one of those crazed people that loves the 15 degree temperatures because I'm always warm. Once the weather surpasses 50-60 degrees I'm in a constant state of agitation and really not a happy camper. (Told you I was crazy.)

I also value the 4 seasons. Being in the NE of the US, we generally get to experience all 4 seasons as distinct patterns, if not in temperature, in the trees, the animals, the birds, the whole shebang. The differences and the balance between the four assures me that nothing is amiss, and generally makes me happy all around. Shamanically, spiritually, physically.

When we had the extreme, desert-like Summer, I was concerned, because that pattern was abnormal. I felt the pain of the animals around here not used to the extreme heat. We're in the NE, known for the not-horrible Summer, and we were setting record temperatures above the 100s. One day (I worked outside in the Summer) I was outside for 2 hours before becoming terribly heat sick and I actually had to go home. I was pretty distressed all Summer.

Then we hit fall. Fall moved too fast here, the cold came too early, suddenly, and the trees were so confused. I remember Samhain felt early this year as well. I was saddened a little because I love Fall. It was maybe 2 weeks between excruciating, horrible heatwaves into October and sudden freezing temperature.

We had snow in November, which isn't completely weird here, but it was strange. And then the mild temperature started. The entire winter here has been mostly 40-60 degrees. Many people here are lauding the warm winter, feel thankful for it, even. But it worries me. I love the snow, I love the frost, I love everything about winter. A completely snow-less winter gives me warning feelings about the land.

Some people will say, yeah, but we've had mild winters before. It's not a big deal. I feel like the more we have them the more it's being indicative of a problem. We're in January now and we had a single day of flurry here, for an hour, in December. I always celebrate first snow fall in Winter. I'm now wondering if I'll get to celebrate my favorite season at all.

I feel depressed when we have mild winters. It gives me an uncomfortable feeling, as if something is changing in the land/world, and not in a good way. It presents itself as evidence to me that soon nothing will be the same. Desert Summers and Spring-Winters--sometimes I'm afraid eventually we'll all lose the 4 seasons. (With global warming and the climate crisis, I'm also not surprised.)

I'm that crazy person that misses the cold nights and the freezing days.


  1. While cold weather just kills me it is definitely disorienting to have march weather in january. it's like the seasons halted in september and are frozen in time.

  2. I've been feeling the exact same thing here (in France.) Our Autumn has lasted all through what should be winter and now it seems spring is coming and we haven't even seen winter.