Sunday, January 22, 2012

PBP 03: 4 Days Of Bast (And Sekhmet)

You might have guessed by now I have a fairly close relationship to Bast, and as I consider Sekhmet to be so close to her in energy signature, like two sides of the same coin, I work with her on occasion as well. I'm more likely to engage directly with Bast, however.

You may notice that I also avoid the term Patron. To be honest the term strikes me as more pretentious than it perhaps means to me, and I feel the same about 'magical naming'. I have astral names, yes, but I don't want to broadcast those for fear of it falling into the wrong hands. Patron just implies to me a deity takes a specialized interest in you that somehow trumps other things, and I find it uncomfortable to use that term. I have working relationships with all 'my' Spirits/Deities and I consider it one of mutual respect and mutual gain, but not like they're particularly invested in my life.

Anyway. I recently went through 4 days of Journey/Visionwork with Bast and Sekhmet. I was informed this would occur right before it happened on the evening of the first night. I keep a Bast/Anubis altar in my bookcase and had the sudden urge to move their statues/boxes out to our kitchen altar (posted above, it's outfitted for Winter hence the cool colors) and I was told by Bast to light an incense in Her honor, because we had things to speak about. Since I have been recently wondering about the nature of deity, I feel somehow like She planned this to teach me about such things.

Listed below are a combination of directly streamed information I saw during journey, similar to Autowriting, and transcripts of things I experienced while under trance with these deities. I find many take a very shallow point of view on who Bast is; I have always found her a demanding teacher, least of all concerned with being a strangely fluffy music/sex cat. She is truly anything but. So if you're expecting me to approach this from that perspective, you may be a little jostled.

Also, please don't take my information as fact without doing your own research. I am not an Egyptian historical expert, though I have a basic grasp of Mythology, but any potential links I propose between African/Egyptian mytho-links are speculation only and I am not well versed enough in either to make historical claims. Views expressed here are not necessarily mine, because I was in basically a Trance in which the Deity was essentially speaking to/through me, so the things I type are coming mostly from that Source. Thank you.

The format of my writings is shifting and sometimes jarring, because my journeys are often not sequential in that they can shift without warning and continue on totally different paths. I keep them this way on purpose. I was instructed to share these and so I will.

~Day 1: BAST~

(The vision begins with me on a table, likely stone, in ritual garb, with Bast above me, breathing into my mouth. I inhale, she exhales, and in this way we share a single breath. We breath as of the same being, as of the same flesh, and in this way we journey together.)


First, I was a Leopard, running in a dense wood. To be honest it felt very African, as in it had foliage I would not expect locally around the Americas or in the vicinity of another place. I was running from something, afraid, my lithe muscles contracting and expanding. I felt speed, and feline grace, and sharp vision. I was interrupted in thought by a clearing in the trees, and in swooped a large falcon. His gnarled talons grabbed my shoulders and lifted, and I was flying. Once a feline, a ground creature, suddenly aware of the entirety of Existence, of the world beyond my feet and claws. (I think this perhaps is the untold story of Bast.)


(For this portion I am in a dark, Egyptian-looking temple, with a large cat statue. A male in white garb is speaking out from a platform, to a crowd of us, whoever we were. He was explaining what Bast was and is, and you could tell he was Channeling at the time. I wrote down what he said as he said it.)

'Bast teaches us power and humility, grace, and strength, aloneness and knowing, togetherness and union. Bast teaches us who we are and what we are, and how to use parts of us. She teaches us to love and sacrifice, but also to surrender when it is called of us. She pushes our egos aside and opens a door into our psyche. Bast is a strong teacher, a gentle one, but one not loathe to sacrifice. Bast takes the hidden backdoor into our souls and ruins us from the inside out, tearing down walls and pretensions and seeing us for who we really are.'

(Cats are known for their second sight and lack of pretensions when dealing with people. This can be said of Bast as well.)

'Bast is the light and the dark, the incense and the smoke and the clouds of worship. Bast showers us with praise while whipping us with scorn. Bast is a multisided teacher, whose words know no bounds nor quandary. Demanding yet soft, no stranger to sacrifice, is Bast.'

'Bast is Awakening, and Sunlight, and the Day. Bast is the terror and the iris, the Eye and the Gem in the eye.'

'Bast is the shadow and the Night, the Lord and the Lordess of the eve’, the Sorce’ress and the Only. She is the One they call Orlam.'

The streaming made me ponder: Was Bast/Cat worship originally an African practice? (I keep hearing “South African” in my head, though I don’t know enough about the cultural history of mingling of these two places to put my vision in context. I looked up 'Orlam' and got some hits from completely different areas of Mythos (Celtic, for example), and one hit for an ethnic tribe from South Africa, but nothing solid.)

'Bast will strip away (literally) layer by layer until only your soul/signature remains, and in teaching that will show you who you are.'


I suddenly became aware of a 'weight' on my crown chakra/top of my head area. I recognized it for an energetic pressure; often when things want my attention they apply "gentle pressure" on that area until I get so annoyed I trance out and listen, for once. (I am stubborn, with my Taurus moon.) Since Bast had told me this would happen for 4 days (streaming and journey with Her, that is) I assumed it was her.

This time she appeared in the guise of Sekhmet the Lion-Headed.

This is what Sekhmet explained to me.

Every human is born into this world with a weight on their head. This is a rock. Look, you’ll see one on every being. Some are large, some are small, some are boulder-sized. This rock is the weight of Soul. The manifestation of accumulated heavy energies, made solid by existence on this plane. Every being has this weight, but few are aware of it.

Some thing to extinguish this weight by handing it over to Deity--this is incorrect. (“Giving it up to God”, as they say.) Deity may remove the weight, for a while, even for a lifetime, but this is akin to hiding and not removing.

How to remove the weight is mundane and expected. One’s soul weight derives from One’s soul decisions and journey. One must spend lifetimes chipping away, a little at a time, at the stone. The accumulation is not always the fault of the One; there are those (deities included) that seek to create the fall of Man and add weight to their souls. One must be careful, and not held fully accountable, for their stone.

Their stone is their anchor to this land, this plane, this Earth. Those who seek to eliminate their soul weight must face their own Soul, Room by Room, one at a time, to chip away at the weight on their heads. Once this is complete, the bond holding them to this Plane is extinguished, and they are free to walk where they will.

(I would liken this to what I consider ascension)

(I also asked Sekhmet if she had a Soul-Weight as well--and she showed me a pebble-sized ‘weight’ on her own head. She said Deities and Spirits seek to eliminate this weight by taking on the burden of helping those gone before, but some choose to stay behind from compassion.)

The last two days were both intensely personal (soul journey, etc) and really hard to explain in a single post, so I am relaying just what I was instructed to relay. I hope this gives someone out there clarity, if they have been needing it, or perhaps help someone to understand these Deities more. Also remember not to believe anything I say as fact unless you can confirm it yourself. Blessings.

(Now back to my regularly scheduled poison posting)


  1. It makes sense the whole African thing isn't Egypt in northern Africa ? religious beleifs and practices spread so that makes sense to me anyway that somehow Egypt and other African gods would interconnect over time .
    I really like this about the stone it made me wonder how big mine might be . does it grow or just diminish I wonder ?

  2. Very cool, especially the speech in the temple. Yes, Bast is far from a fluffy kitty goddess. ^_^ Thank you for sharing!

  3. Very interesting. Your visions as they seem to be are very similar to some of the things both goddesses have revealed to me. I also agree with your stance on the usage of the word patron. I never used it for Sekhmet until she used it herself and demanded I use it in turn. My blog for this week was likewise on Bastet and if you would like to take a look the url is

    Blessed Be,

  4. @ Rox My ideas are that it can only diminish but it gets put 'on hold' instead of you have a finite amount but trying to hand it over to deity or purposefully acting out of accord basically freezes it where it is...but I'm sure it's possible of course.

    @Shefyt I agree :)

    @ Monster Grrl I did take a look, and found it interesting. I keep Bast and Anubis on the same hearth altar, but they seem to me to be in an air of cold distance/coexistence which is why they 'get along'. :P (But at the same time I think deities wear various mantles to better relate to who knows...) Confirmation is always good though!

  5. Hmm. Googled the blog to get to the latest post with the thought experiment but found this post instead. Given who my Parent is, of course I´d take an interest! I know you mentioned this before but I´m glad to not encounter the anime sex kitten version of Bast here.

    1st sequence: Possibly symbolism for how Bast is one of the eyes of Ra. One of his forms is a falcon headed man with a sun disk on top.

    I like the backdoor theory...if only because it´s very relevant to the name she gave me.

    Shr was considered protectress of Lower Egypt (which is geographically the north), howeverm the south Africa idea may be referencing the journey of the lioness goddess to Nubia, which may have been referencing her, if not Sekhmet, Pakhet, or another lioness (and possibly all three!).

    Now about the soul theory- never heard anything like that before, but that doesn´t necessarily exlclude it from being true. What I´m thinking is either she or your mind translated this truth into a way she thought you would understand. Or not! There´s always going to be contentions about what people think the soul is.

  6. I just started reading your blog (am reading sequentially) and am enjoying it very much. Have you read Linda Tucker's book "Mystery of the White Lions"? She does touch upon connections between Egyptian beliefs and those in other areas of Africa.