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PBP 10: Ignorance is Pretty Much Never Bliss

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Greetings, fair readers. Today I'm going to harp about why pretending shit doesn't exist is not really a good practice when it comes to the spirit world.

My mom, the roman catholic, has this view when it comes to spirits: If I don't talk about them, think about them, and/or learn about them and don't want them to bother me, then they won't bother me. Let me tell you from firsthand experience if shit worked that way it would be a beautiful paradise.

But the fact is, it doesn't.

If you are Called, especially, possibly the worst thing you can do is stick your head in the sand and pretend things aren't happening to you. I know about someone's mother who delved too far into Paganism when not prepared and summoned some shit that literally scared them into intense Christianity (the "good path") and spurred them to denounce Paganism as a practice and Pagans in general forevermore. I have read of Shamans who were Called and attempted to forgo the path, with sometimes nearly fatal results. (Spirits don't like to be kept waiting, and if you're more likely to pay attention dead, well, that's your fault.)

People like Sylvia Browne are perpetuating some of this dangerous myth as we speak. If you haven't heard of her (I have no idea how you can avoid it) she has a tremendous amount of books out, all of them portraying the Spirit world as a place of "love and light" and generally whitelighting the hell out of the astral. She basically denies the existence of danger in the spirit world because obviously everything there is angelic and therefore wants to help us, yadda yadda yadda. The reason I keep writing on Spirits and the Worlds they inhabit is to provide a counterpoint to people like this, because if you're not prepared you're more likely to get fucked up by Spirits or Deities with bad intentions.

I'm not some demon-huntress, thinking there is bad shit waiting to get me around every turn, but I'm not ostrich-heading myself either. You wouldn't go out into a city thinking everyone has good intent, and deciding not to lock your door because hey, nobody will break in if I don't want them to, right? Or if I remain ignorant about the dangers of living in this city, I'll be totally safe, right?

This is essentially the logic people have expressed to me before about Spirits, and it really blows my mind. Why would you choose to be unprepared when you have the alternative?

I realize people speak this way from a place of fear. If I don't understand something, don't tell me about it, because it scares me. But you're talking to an Aquarius here. If I don't know something I will procede to research the FUCK out of it until I know everything about it and related topics. So purposeful ignorance is something I don't have respect for.

Here's the thing, guys: Spirits exist, but they tend to not give a shit whether you prefer to live in a happy bubble where nothing bad exists. If you're meant to work with them they will cannonball into your life and you'll wake up one day with a dead Commander from the Civil War making eggs in your kitchen and going "Sup?", whether you want it that way or not. It's pure nonsense to think if you will it not to happen, it won't happen. You're only endangering yourself by choosing to remain ignorant of Spirits and the beings on the Astral.

I'm not saying you have to work with Spirits and beings if you're not called to. I'm just saying being educated and prepared is not a bad thing, the event you have a haunting you need to handle, for instance. Becoming educated on how to handle that is just basic preparedness, and will keep you from being too scared in a situation where you have no idea what is going on. Being ready gives you power over the things that you fear, so if you have a sudden demon problem you don't flip your shit and resign yourself to giant bats inhabiting your bathroom forever more. It's simply not good practice to focus on only one side of the good/bad coin, if I can borrow dualistic terms for a moment. The more you bury your head the more you're hurting your practice.

And if you ask me what to read or look at to become prepared, well, I can't really give many recs. All of the spirit shit that has happened to me happened unannounced, when I had never seen nor spoke with a Spirit before, and I can tell you none of the books on the market helped me that much with learning about them. I had no mentor, but I did have my partner, who was experienced with the astral, and that was a help. But she had no books or mentor either. Most of the knowledge I have about this is experience and stuff that really would have helped me when 16 species of spirit-dogs were hanging out in my dorm room. I have never seen the Underworld mapped in a book before, and that's why I'm doing it. I have never seen someone lay out the ins and outs of lie-truth talking before, so I'm doing it. As always, I hope to reach people who think they're going crazy, and show them it's fine.

Back on topic, if you're the most ostrich headed person in the world when it comes to bad spirits, I really think you're one of the most likely people to encounter them. If you're not prepared at all, you're basically easy energetic pickings. If you're afraid, you're delicious. Demons, especially, feed off the uneducated because nobody has told them if it claims to be Lucifer himself it's probably lying because it makes your energy delicious.

My mom has since seen some spirits, and predictably freaked out and assumed they were all harbingers of doom. Then she went to me and asked me what that meant, was she going to die, was someone else doing to die, why was there a spirit in our living room? Had she been prepared maybe this wouldn't have happened. Food for thought.

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