Friday, April 27, 2012

Poison Post: Henbane & Hemlock


Scientific Name: Hyoscyamus niger

Folk/Common Names: Henbane, Stinking Nightshade
Toxicity Level: Toxic in low doses to animals, pretty toxic to humans in high doses.
Poison Type: Hyoscyamine, scopolamine, and alkaloids
Where is the Poison: Foliage and leaves

Symptoms: Hallucinations, sweating, stomach pain(as always), hypertension, vomiting, and convulsions

Interesting Fact: Was thought to be used in combination with other baneful flying herbs.

Folk Info: This was thought to be the poison poured into Hamlet's father!

BOTTOM LINE: Should you be worried?

Yeah seriously don't touch poison.

Hemlock (Poisonous)

Scientific Name: Conium maculatu
Folk/Common Names: Spotted hemlock,
Toxicity Level: If you eat it, you're dead. No exceptions.
Poison Type: Coniine, gamma-coniceine (both alkaloids)
Where is the Poison: Everywhere

Symptoms: The poison is a neurotoxin, so it disrupts muscle function, starting from the non essential and preceding in. Most common cause of dead is because the lungs cease to function, and the person suffocates and goes into cardiac arrest.

Interesting Fact: This is, of course, the famed herb used to kill Socrates, the famous philosopher.

BOTTOM LINE: Should you be worried?

You know what, it doesn't sound that awesome to be conscious as your body slowly goes into permanent paralysis, ending with your heart and eyes.

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