Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Spell for Good Fortune

Yeah, looks like Haitian voodou to me too. How'd you guess...? Specifically petitioning for career stuff. Me n' Legba are bros.

The candle is one of those Crystal Journeys jobs I never felt like purchasing in the store, but this one was 5 bucks, so why not? Obviously meant for money, I annointed it with five finger grass (Legba's fortune herb-o-choice, according to him) and it slowly melted into the wax.

The heart jar was what held the rose petal oil I steeped for like 3 months, and the gris gris holds some spicy herbs.

The box is hand-painted by me and functions as an offering space for Legba/the L'wa.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I've never petitioned Legba, but I think... that may change soon.

    1. I usually end up petitioning him to allow me to petition/hang out with Samedi, but we go drinking sometimes out by the Styx and it's a general good time.