Friday, June 29, 2012

Poisons Post: Jack-in-the-Pulpit & Jimson Weed


Scientific Name: Arisaema triphyllum

Folk/Common Names: Jack in the Pulip, Wild Turnip

Toxin Type: Oxalic acid

Toxicity Level: If ingested, big trouble for the kidneys. This acid, if it even touches the skin and is absorbed, creates essentially calcium buildups that cause all sorts of trouble for bones. You may very well face fatal kidney failure.

Symptoms: Swelling of the throat that can block off breathing, nausea, vomiting, kidney failure in extreme cases, joint problems. Slurring speech and black outs.

Interesting Fact: If cooked correctly, you can actually fry and eat a jack in the pulpit. Native Americans would even dry the corn of the plant and use it medicinally, since drying largely neutralized the toxic effects.

Folk Info: It is rumored that the Meskwaki Indians would grind up the ‘corn’ of the plant on purpose, mix it will food and purposefully leave it out for enemies to find later. If you eat enough it spells agonozing death.

BOTTOM LINE: Yeah folks so don’t eat it. It’s kinda ugly anyway.

Scientific Name: Datura stramonium

Folk/Common Names: Jimson Weed, Thorn Apple

Toxin Type: Alkaloids: atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine. All ‘Datura’ plants (You might recognize Nightshade as a Datura) contain these alkaloids.

Toxicity Level: Extremely toxic to humans.

Symptoms: Interestingly, this plant produces complete delirium, which is different from hallucination. The person essentially loses sanity, or the ability to know what isn’t ‘real’. This progresses into insane and weird behavior and can culminate in extreme body temp. drops and abnormal heart behavior.

Interesting Fact: Like Nightshade as it is/was used in flying ointments for its hallucinogenic properties, some experiment with this plant in that regard. It’s extremely dangerous and the slightest OD is a guaranteed death.

Folk Info: Another name for this plant is Jamestown Weed--from an instance in a town of the same name in Virginia in which British soldiers were drugged with the plant and were honestly thought to have gone insane for days.

BOTTOM LINE: As with ANYTHING in the Datura family, DON’T FUCKIN TOUCH IT.

Disclaimer: Info is not evaluated by the FDA, yadda yadda, and please don't eat poison or handle it without some sort of training or a good herbalist (although both would be best!). Thanks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Contemplating The Tarot


I am a tarot reader. I don't consider myself mind-shatteringly awesome at it, though people tell me I'm very accurate. I think my partner is because she has that weird oracle sense that jives with her tarot and combines to make awesome sense.

For me, tarot has been very intellectual. I go through regular phases where the cards won't "speak to me" at all for months and I'll just be trying to puzzle out the book definitions and phases where each card clicks into place and is accompanied by a vision and everything is awesome. You can guess which it is, more often. I'm lucky enough to be in the upswing of one of my 'this makes sense' phases at present, though.

I actually have been doing readings for people over on facebook. You'll notice I've been posting less overall, and that's sort of side effect fallout from that group moving rapidly in discussion. But I've always wanted to try my hand at 'oracleing' for other people, and I saw this as an opportunity to force me back into relations with my tarot, which reminded me of all the issues I have with my collective decks.

I'm very strange. I have 4 decks that I have worked with, and around 3-4 oracle decks. When I bought each of them I was super hyped on using them. But over time, I was disappointed in that my energy just never jived with them. Ironically the one deck I use constantly because it's strangely dead on every. single. time. is my boring as fuck Rider-Waite. I have this fancy animal deck, and a fancy Shaman themed deck, and a fancy Unicorn themed deck, and I swear to god not a single one works for me. Which is terrible because they're all beautiful--but not what I need.

There's a lesson about life in there, if you didn't catch that.

I have animal themed oracles--the Druid animal oracle, and the Animal Dreaming oracle--and despite everything in me that says 'someone with Shaman nature should have no problem with this', I have no idea how to interpret them in readings. It's like we speak different languages right past each other and it's useless. 

The oracle deck that ended up working for me? The one pictured above. A silly little circular, happy deck called The Celtic Messages Oracle. A cutesy, impossible-to-get-reversals oracle based around possibly the only Mythos and Pantheon on the earth I feel that I have 0 connections to that was gifted to me by a half insane roommate.

And you know what? For some reason, when I received that deck I feel like it just got me. Something about that deck understands my energy. And it gives strangely eloquent, accurate readings every time. How odd is that? That the cutesy non-threatening Celtic deck trumps all my fancy Shaman materials?

And both of the decks were gifted to me. Both are 'boring' or not expected, but both work the best, for some reason.

It's amusing. The Celtic Oracle has no 'bad' cards, so to speak. It's full of romanticized shit and 'affirmations' and all the other words I like to avoid because I'm this Big Bad Legitimate Astral Walker Shamanic Pagan. But it sends me the perfect message when I need to hear it. Whenever I'm in danger of taking myself too seriously, I whip out the deck, and it tells me like it is, even without any dark or deep imagery.

You just can't go on appearances. I wish I knew that before when I bought up all these pretty decks that are now just dying in disuse on my shelf. I sincerely wish the beautiful decks worked for me, but it seems they just don't. The tarot and my problems with it over the years has taught me that there is a clear distinction between what my eyes perceive and what my soul perceives.

All of the decks I find visually beautiful--I pick them up and feel nothing. Literally. They may as well be a stack of papers for how much energy I can feel. But give me my Rider-Waite and it's a feeling oh 'Oh, hello, old friend.' And all the decks I have that feeling with offend my artistic sensibilities, or are not to my taste in what I would prefer in art.

I wonder if this is a lesson about the dillution of meaning. Sometimes I throw around this theory that the farther we drag the tarot away from its traditional meaning and imagery, the more it becomes something other than it was. Symbols gather power over time, and using them again and again filters back into the collective unconcious. Symbols have power. But when you take my Shaman deck, which reinvents completely all 4 suits, and totally changes the imagery completely on each and every card, are you really dealing with the same deck? Or is it something different?

Is the tarot, once removed from its original ideas, still the tarot?

I wonder these things from a Jungian perspective. The tarot imagery is very specific and grew from a very specific place. There are reasons and deep meanings on each and every suit and major card. I'm not saying changing them entirely is a bad thing. But is it still tarot? Is is still the same divinatory system, or have you created something new entirely?

Being of the Chaos nature, I think if you create something different, if the energy is there and you can use it I see no reason it wouldn't work. But is it really something of the same name...?

Perhaps the beginning visual system of the Rider-Waite (which closely resembles playing card suits and such) resonates with me, but changing the cups suit into animals of water or changing earth into forest animals doesn't? When I use those decks, they actually feel "soft" to me. As though they are somehow not "sharp" enough to tell me what I need to hear, or they skirt around issues. And I've been through tarot databases looking at imagery and despite how much I like the deck, they still don't feel exactly right. Frustrating, man. Frustrating. 

In the meantime, I'll be getting to know my Celtic Messages Oracle and trying not to feel really gay for doing so, because it really works for me. I'm just not going to question it.

Do you have any weird habits the tarot/oracle cards/runes pulls with you?

Friday, June 22, 2012

PBP 15: That time when I Accidentally Married a Land Spirit

Circle round, kids. I'm making up for not posting (we're not going to talk about the fact my poison posts are 3 weeks behind okay?) by telling you a ridiculous tale from the Shaman realms. It's a true tale.

First let me explain to you what my Shaman Realms facet/self looks like. She's about 4 feet tall with wolf ears and tail and wild purpleish white hair and piercing eyes and an absolutely-no-bullshit-attitude. She has no patience for stupid people or beings and just gets shit done and goes home and tends herbs. She's not the romantic type, aight? Moving on.

Once upon a time...I had a sudden attraction for Deer spirits. Specifically Stags. I felt the call, the little tug of 'yo you need to talk to us we have shit to discuss and handle'. So I went to His forest (the groom in question is a giant white stag, dappled, predictably) and we had a little stare down, which is how you say hello in the rough-and-tumble Shamanic underworlds, okay.

So we exchange the cursory hellos, and he hands me (except with his mouth, deer obviously don't have hands) this necklace thing, with this blue gem. And I'm like "Thanks bro, but what the hell do I do with this thing?" Upon which point he directs me into the forest. So there's some running involved until we hit this lake. And I have to swim to the bottom of this thing with the necklace and unlock this predictably stupid puzzle box thing at the bottom. Oh, by the way, there'll be strange dead spirits that attack you at the bottom. Why, of course there are. This is the Shaman realms.

So turns out the necklace is the key for this box, and in this box are these two blue egg things. Which is a little odd, but whatever. I take them anyway, and take all 3 items back to the stag. At which point he tells me some cryptic information about tests and the future and it begins to get a little weird. But possibly the weirdest part is, nothing happened. He just let me leave with the junk, so I did.

(The necklace is some defensive ward thing and the eggs went to my pair of Dragons, whom I raised from eggs themselves, btw.)

{Side story. Once upon another time I aided a dying river spirit to pass on. She handed me two eggs to thank me, which I kept warm and comfy in piles of Underworld herbs. They hatched to be a pair of silvery white Chinese dragons with pretty awesome healing abilities. Twins, don't you know. I call them Qin and Lin because it's cutesy. They're also adorable and I love them. End of side story.}

So I'm back at the Underworld house, tending the herbs, and start arriving. Just...weird things. Baubles and coins and little figurines of deer. Just left at the doorstep. I thought it was weird, but just took it anyway, at first. I wasn't about to leave things like that to waste. But then...the next day the gifts intensified. Like huge gift baskets of ice statuary and giant antlers hung with gold and jewels. Ridiculous things. And my other self was like "Yeah no, fuck this." and proceeded to ignore it.

The next day there was like twice the amount of pure gift boxery. This time there was even a fawn. And at this point it became apparent what was happening.

Apparently the "tests" with the lake were tests you put a potential significant other through to make sure they're worthy to have that status. So apparently we accidentally did engagement rituals with a Stag god, because nobody is honest in the Shaman realms in telling you why you're doing things, you get me?

And by apparently by accepting the first gift in Stag-language that translated as accepting the proposal I wasn't quite aware he was making. Just because my Shaman self doesn't like to waste raw materials. I mean really?

So we tried the high road. We ignored it and he began sending gifts complete with live messengers that looked very scared to our gates. And everybody else (my spirits, guides, friends, deities) I knew thought it was hilarious I had a Stag god pining for my other self's hand in marriage. (Remember how she's very angry all the time and doesn't take ANY bullshit? Not exactly the kind, gentle marrying type of woman.)

So for roughly 30 straight days he was sending gifts of finery. Fine dresses and cloth and weird exotic birds and gold and jewels. Which, ironically, my other self really doesn't appreciate, so they all went ignored. And apparently he was just not taking the hint. So at the appropriate end of 30 days (what was supposed to be the wedding day) she marched herself back down to his forest, walked up the more or less forest aisle, and legitimately punched him in the chest.

Let me reiterate. My 4 foot tall Shaman Self gave 0 fucks and punched a huge Stag God in the chest.

Okay, moving on.

He was, as you can guess, pretty mad, which resulted in a lot of "But why wouldn't you want to be the wife of a God? I can give you anything you desire, etc etc etc" and my other self was just not very amused because for some reason Gods never seem to take no for an answer, or even, you know, ask directly for an answer.

So she proceeded to rip him a new one and explain in detail why she doesn't have time for such shit and would you just handle your own nonsense because if you have enough time to be running around proposing to people you have more than enough time to make sure the earthly world isn't going to shit, or humans aren't being idiots again, or that your own realm isn't falling apart at the seams. She then proceeded to instruct him on his failings as a God, and that he should just handle his shit. She then proceeded to walk out of the now-silent congregation of forest spirits and a very shocked God.

To his credit, he never sent gifts again.

(My shaman self did send the dress back; she felt bad.)

Now back to your regularly scheduled posting.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Success Stories: Or, What Ganesha is Teaching Me

You know when you're at your most cynical and depressed, and you hit that point where all you can do basically is pray/petition, because your ship is a helpless situation sinking into the depths of horrible depression and failure?

And then you petition your Gods, and shit doesn't change?

That was me, pretty much, until this moment.

Then, I was desperate and sad and I put my case to Ganesha, completely outside of my comfortable 'pantheon', completely out of my element of aloofness and mental dissection. I was utterly begging, emotional, and a laid out mess. It was my last ditch effort to offer Him an orange and a candle and chant His mantra 108 times.

And this time, I got results. Almost immediately, things began to happen.

When all of my faith in humanity and everything was coming into question, I did a ritual and got results.

I am in awe of this a little bit. Let me explain.

Every time I have done a spell in the past, it was for either things I wasn't ready to handle yet, and so they obviously didn't happen, or for inner, transformative, long-term things. You can't really measure that effort in success or failure, because it takes a very, very long time.

It wears on you. It does. If you Petition often, or if you work active spellwork and you get up and you do what you're supposed to; you work WITH the spell and don't sit back and just expect shit to happen around you, and you STILL don't get results? It makes you tired. It makes you doubt. And it sure as hell would take a stronger person than I to go on a path in which that was my norm. Even if you rationalize it as fate or karma, it will still wear you down. You'll still think things.

I don't DO spells, as a rule. I don't usually petition Deity because I like to use my own power to make shit happen, even if that sounds conceited, because I don't think you need to go running around bringing minor shit to Deities all the time, like a child. I don't put things in the hands of Deity often, because I'm so involved in the Otherworlds and in working with Deity directly, and not on MY problems. There's also the hairy problem that the few Deities I DO work with are very much concerned with my Otherworld soul development: Shaman realms tasks, Deathwalking, that sort of thing. My Deity list, though short, emcompasses every aid I need for my Paganish work.

The problem is: That left this life kind of in the dust. I couldn't work on my soul shit when this body was depressed and losing hope at a rapid pace. My first step in that direction was working more with the L'wa, as a partner to aid me with my career. (We're still waiting on that process.) My second step was to go before Ganesha, desperate and tired of dealing with all this on my own, and to ask Him to remove some obstacles that were clouding my life.

Well, we're working on the inner ones, but wouldn't you know it, it took a Deity of obstacle removing completely on the outside of my sphere of comfort to teach me the important lesson that, sometimes, shit does work out. Sometimes, you do a spell and it actually works. Sometimes, you can really hope for something and throw energy behind it and it actually does happen. Ganesha, ironically, is teaching me to hope for things again. To explore again. In one small move, I feel like I have been dead and am now living.

Sometimes, you ask for things and you get them. Sure, sometimes you don't. But the times it works, and you have a success story--those are the times you remember. That's what fuels your pathwork and your spellwork and restores your faith, little by little, in the real-ness of the Work.

Sometimes I get stuck in the frame of mind of thinking I'm crazy for sitting in a crystal grid and expecting things to happen, or sitting beneath a full moon with a scroll of seals and a journey to make. And then, you ask for things and the Universe listens, and the amazing gratitude washes over you like a wave, and everything looks a little brighter, and that rare moment can make it all worth it.

I wonder if this is what it must feel like to have faith.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Petitioning Ganesha

Though I have a whole shitload of respect for Hindu Deities, I don't make a habit of working with them on average. I also don't really make a habit of going before Deities I don't really work with and begging, more or less, to be seen. The Deities I do work with are more like coworkers. But in a moment of desperation I remembered Ganesha, the obstacle remover.  


So I did the respectable thing and asked if he would hear my case and help out. He said he would, and asked for oranges, which I'm waiting to still from my fridge downstairs. I went out and bought a nice 6 dollar figure of Ganesha so I could better focus my mind and offerings. To be fair I've always liked Ganesha as an energy, and have wanted a statue for a long time. So it feels good at the base of my Kuan Yin statue. The new candle I bought is Baltic Amber.

I also bought this tiny Buddha figure because I felt that Ganesha needed a mirror statue on the other side. In later reading I understood he is sometimes portrayed with a nameless servant, so the feeling I had makes some sense. 

 EDIT: Finally snagged on orange! Feels much better now.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Care and Feeding of Magickal Crystals

(Picture of my hand and my new babies! SCANDAL)


It occurs to me that here at the Dusken Path, I tend to do things horribly out of order. In the spirit of that, let's proceed with the Practical Crystal 101 post I'm making after doing an extensive guide to gridding said crystals, shall we? Indeed.

Anywho. Practical Crystal education.


Step 1: Consider picking up a decent Crystal Encyclopedia

The first step to learning about crystals is having a handy reference to what is out there, since there is a LOT out there.

It doesn't have to be occult. In fact, I prefer to know random rock facts before occult facts. Is your crystal of choice formed with extensive heat and pressure, or thousands of years of dripping water? Science is cool, people. Embrace it.

If you want an Occult book after that, take it with a grain of salt.

As for basic Crystal 101 books, I personally prefer The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall, and Cunningham's encyclopedia is pretty alright too.

My feeling on '101' encyclopedic books are as follows: It's good to educate yourself on the huge variety of things out there, but never let your knowledge begin and end there. The Crystal Bible is nicely illustrated and bright, but the meanings are generic at best, so please expand your knowledge beyond any single book, especially a 101 book.

Step 2: Understand that Crystals have individual personalities

Just like Guides and Totem 101 books, a Wolf is not a Wolf is not a Wolf for every person on the planet. Wolf is not ALWAYS a totem of familial loyalty. Neither is a red jasper always a courage stone, or a clear quartz always a cleanser.

For instance, I have in my possession 3 tumbled clear quartz stones right now. One has an energetic signature that is cold and clear, so I liken it to glacial ice. Another has a hot, intense signature that reminds me of molten glass. The third was a pleasant, soft signature that reminds me of a clear day. Despite being the same stone, they have markedly different energies, and that needs to be taken into account when using crystals.

Step 2.5 : Accept that Crystals have Will outside of you

If a Crystal doesn't want to be used for healing, then don't fucking use the thing for healing.

Always ask before using crystals for a purpose--despite the fact crystals can be Charged for a purpose, this can't override will.

They existed before you, they will exist after you, and you are a Tool if you think you can tell a crystal what to do if it's Not Having That Shit. It's more like the crystals are doing YOU a favor by lending their power. Understand you're the smaller energy here.

Step 3: Understand how Crystals fit into the Real World

Learn about the process of crystals. Most gemstones don't come out of the earth shiny and round--they have to be tumbled with grit and sand for a long time to become polished like you receive them. Does that change the property of the crystal? Does it change its inherent energy? These are questions you can ask and explore yourself. How are crystals mined? Who mines crystals? Are you buying crystals from a reliable source that does not support slave wages?

Does owning crystals at all mean you're creating an ecological footprint? You could argue it does, what with strip mining and such. These are all things you should consider when looking into owning your own Crystals.

Consider finding your own crystals, especially if you live near mountains. Crack some geodes, get your hands dirty.

Step 4: Accept that some Crystals will not like you

Just like in real life, not everybody is going to like you. Nothing against you, necessarily, but maybe your personalities don't jive so well. Hey, that's fine. For instance, I could swim in a bathtub of Hematite and Red Jasper because they make me feel like I'm in a vat of delicious jello and everything is okay.

But stick me in a tub of Red Coral or Citrine and my temperature skyrockets and I suddenly feel like clawing my own skin off because everything feels like electricity.

Some energies will NOT jive with yours. I have a huge amount of energy, and it's very hot. A red Coral has a huge amount of energy and is very hot. You do that math.

By the same token, you will be attracted to stones that work with you again and again. Nothing wrong with owning 20.

Step 5: Accept that some Crystals will not like each other

Remember the Personalities thing up there? Some crystal energies clash horribly and will not work in the same place or in the same grid. Like 5 year olds they will fight for their position and nothing will be accomplished.

Accept that this happens and allow for personality clashes. Crystals have Spirits like anything else.

You won't know stones that refuse to work with you until you go through a whole lot, and there's the rub.

Step 6: Accept that you will very likely fall out of sorts with crystals repeatedly

Assuming you're anything like me, that is.

I go in cycles of heavy crystal useage and in-tune-ness, and cycles of nothing and my crystals just being pretty altar adornments. I don't know why this happens, but it always has for me. I'm hoping my recent revival will keep for longer this time.

Step 7: If on a budget, buy crystals from non-Occult vendors

Supporting your local shops is one thing, and a great thing to do when you can, but honestly the prices can be insane. Why? We ascribe occult value to the crystals that Scientific outlets don't. In short: We know what we're looking at.

My Tiger Iron sphere would easily have been $30+ in an Occult outlet because of its awesome quality and somewhat-rarity. It was actually $10 in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC's gift shop, along with tones of other tumbled stones and spheres.

If you're going to a natural science museum, check out the gift shop. They may just have one of those fill-this-bag-with-assorted-stones-for-a-flat-rate jobs, and that's okay too. Get deals where you can while on a budget, especially with special shapes like spheres, pyramids, or carved forms.

Step 7.5: When you do support your local Occult vendors, be friendly!

I visit a local Pow-Wow every year that just attracted some Reiki-based vendors last year. I spent 25+ minutes feeling crystals and kept coming back to a point that I found a little pricey for me. I held some quiet conversations with the shop keeper as I browsed.

I left and came back to the booth in the end, still eyeing the same clear quartz point. I eventually bought it and confessed it was a little high for my price range, and the woman knowingly smiled and knocked 10 bucks off because it obviously was 'meant for me'.

That Quartz point is the large one now sitting on my Unicorn altar and featured in most of my crystal healing grids.

Supporting Occult vendors pays too!

Step 8: Know Basic Crystal Quality

There are some scammers in the Gemstone industry, so learn to know the problems. For instance, Turquoise stones, if being sold for an insanely low price, are known to be dyed Howlite, which is a white stone. It has a different look to it. In my experience, true Turquoise is actually greener than you think it should be--the Howlite is usually almost "too" sky blue to be real.

Many stones in the grab bags mentioned above are just Quartz that have been dyed. Once you get accoustomed to dyed stones and their often lackluster appearance you can begin to pick up on this. Be on the lookout for stones that are Dyed or altered.

Personally, Dyed stones have never worked well for me. I feel as thought the process nulls the energy or something. When in doubt, if you have energy awareness and know the signature of Turquoise, you should technically be able to tell real from fake.

A lot of vendors have A, B, etc quality crystals for large clusters and points. You really do get what you pay for. Is it important to you to have a WATER-CLEAR quartz point? You're going to pay more than for a somewhat broken one.

Some crystals come from rare places or only one mine in the entire world. They will obviously be much more expensive. Some crystals, like Aqua Aura, are made via an infusion process that will make them pricier than a normal tumbled stone. Be aware of how crystals are priced and why.

Last Tips

Decide if you want Rough, Tumbled or Cut gemstones. Rough are less 'pretty', but maybe you like them more. Cut refers to pyramids, hearts, etc. Tumbled are the rounded, shiny baubles most people own, and are usually the cheapest. Some stones are impossible to tumble because of crystalline structure and fragility. Research that, it's fascinating shit.

When looking into cleansing, make sure you understand your Crystal's scientific structure. If you plop Hematite in water it will rust! Amethyst when left out in the sun will slowly fade--and Red Coral tends to dye water red and fade. Certain types of Quartz do weird shit with salt. Be aware of these things when deciding how to cleanse your crystals, or else you could destroy them!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Care & Feeding of Crystal Grids

As you may have observantly noticed in my altar photos, I have easily a hundred tumbled and rough gemstones.

However, they do have a function besides looking pretty, sometimes. I'm a big fan of using Crystral Grids, or very deliberate arrangements of types of crystals in a pattern, to do things.

If you want to find a better way to cleanse crystals besides the usual soft methods like moonlight or water, this can help you out. It can be used to cleanse or charge objects, to anchor a house or provide a pathway for spirits, to protect a room from intruding forces, or a whole lot of other things.

I tried crystal grids a long time ago when I saw them in books, and frankly they never worked for me. Gridding is very intuitive. I know the basic uses of each stone and how they work for me, and I know the purpose I want them to have. The two come together in my mind and I place where it 'feels' right. So can you do a grid wrong? I don't really think so. You can only do a grid that doesn't resonate very well.

When making a grid, try to educate yourself on your stones. Do you know Jasper (red stone) really can't stand being next to Red Coral (High-octane root stone) because there's TOO MUCH POWER? Why not mediate with a Hematite or Tiger iron? Gridding is an act of balance, and too much in one area can throw your purpose off. Feel out what feels right. If you make a grid and aren't sure, place your left (or receiving) hand over the invisible "lines" in the grid. If it feels wonky, alter some elements until you get what you want.

Firstly: Terms. In all of my pictures I have certain words written I like to use, such as:

ANCHOR: Usually the grid-center, the thing around which the grid centers. A focal-point.

BOUNDARY HOLDER: The stone-row that keeps energy from flying anywhere. Think of this like a stone circle that contains the intricate system inside of itself. Can really be any shape.

DIRECTIONAL STONES: Stones that are directing energy through the system or to another place in the grid, or out of the grid to its destination.

PRISM: A lynchpin stone that takes energy from multiple stones and translates it to a concentrated stream of energy.

GUARDIAN:  When using a representation of Deity or an existing guide/creature they become a Guardian figure. They stabilize or direct the grid.

PUSHING IN/DRAWING OUT: Explanation of which stone is "pushing" energy and which are "drawing" energy from the others. Basic.

PERMANENT/TEMPORARY: Some grids work better out all the time, and some are meant to be temporary because they have one function, then dissolved when function is complete. I try to specify.

Now, on to examples. I have taken the liberty of drawing in how the energy "moves" for ease of understanding my grids.


This grid is meant specifically to draw gnarly energy out of objects and purify them at the same time. Use it with bracelets you wear, pendants, items you use for protection. It works faster than the full moon and you don't have to be awake for it either.

The hematite serves as the grounding agent for the shite, because hematite is the universal drawing stone. The quartz point rids the piece of the shite as well, while purifying it. The hematite forms a natural system of some stones pushing bad energy out, and forcing good energy in, hence the drawing out/pushing in design.

Usually a temporary grid.


The universal cleanser grid, for anything. This will probably rid a whole room of stupid energy if put in the center, especially if grounded in a bed of fine sand. It keeps the energy circulation going, good for feng shui probably.

Mostly comprised of clear quartz, the universal cleanser. This is meant as a mostly closed grid to encourage energy movement. Square is the natural shape for a solid, permanent grid like this. Other supporting crystals are Selenite, a very high vibration stone that never needs cleansing, and amethyst points, the universal directors. The quartz acts as the boundary holder.

Can be left out because the energy recycles. Could be used as a permanent grid.


A grid specifically for something you want to overcome. Bonus points if it's an inner hurdle.

This grid aids the user in pushing through a boundary, which is the role of the top stone. The middle fool's gold becomes the anchor (since this grid is about the energy of the fool.) The outer green stones, ranging from Malachite to Goldstone to some Unakite and Jaspers, hold the circle boundary, which the user wants to overcome.

The energy of the Fool aids the user to push through the boundary.

Meant to be temporary.


A grid meant to aid the healing process, physical or mental. The Rune is Dagaz.

Mostly clear quartz again, with a massive chunk of blue Calcite, a strong Higher Realms stone, in the center anchor spot. Selenite makes another appearance as it drives negative shit out. 3 quartz points sit at the top, to direct the energy toward the user.

Could be permanent by the heal-ee's bedside, as it works well on dreams.


A grid designed to aid in love, especially of the self.

The soft, calming energies of the pink agate stones on the outside boundary make this a very pleasant, quiet grid. The center quartz serves at the anchor for this grid, and pushes energy into the agates.

The agates direct their energy to the rose quarts and amethyst toward the bottom, which pushes through the prism stone, another pink agate, at the bottom. Is an excellent grid to meditate with. The user is meant to sit in line with the bottom stone, so as to receive that focused energy.

Would work as a temporary grid for meditation purposes.


Since I know you people will ask me for this.

Would you believe I actually did not realize this was an upside down pentacle until I drew the star in??? I guess that's how you know it's working.

Anyway, Goddess pendant of choice in the middle, with clear quartz supporters and amethyst points to direct energy in and out at the same time. Point in the center for Divine connection.

This could be expanded to be HUGE, with the drawing person in the center of a 4-5 foot grid of quartz and amethyst holding a quartz point. Would get ridiculous results.

Best used as a temporary grid since it could be really fucking effective.


Specifically designed to aid Shamanic journey to the Underworld.

The two boundaries in the grid are broken on purpose, to allow the Meditator entrance into the grid itself. Meant as a stepping stone into the mindset needed for the journey to the Underworld, the Guardian figure at the top is my own personal Guide for that place. It can be replaced with a talisman or fetish. The Grid functions as a portal opener.

The central Tiger Iron is a mix sphere of Hematite, Tiger Eye and Red Jasper, my 3 Go-To Underworld stones. It has millions of tiny layers and aids with meditation.

In the inner ring we have carnelian and a fuckload of red jasper; the outside is mostly hematite, to keep the Meditator within the circles of themselves.

Meant for temporary meditative use, because this gate can also let shit out, so don't leave it out.


Why yes, you CAN use fossils in a grid. How did you know?

If I had to describe this one, I would say 'defense'. It feels like a fucking 2,000 year old brick wall is erected when you make it.

The fossilized Amonite shells are arranged so their spirals "catch" the energy from the last shell and "fire" it to the next in a concentrated burst. The middle (anchor) Amonite shell would serve as an excellent way to confuse an intruder and catch them. The other stones (fossilized wood and geodes) serve as the power to keep the grid running. Also featured are a Shaman Stone, Rutilated Quartz and Ocean Jasper.

Could be used as a permanent household defense/confusing maze against intruders.


This was an experiment in grid-making combined with physical seal-writing. Don't try to understand the writing; it's in astral language.

I'm a seal-maker by trade so I was curious to see what would happen if I super-charged a written seal with physical crystals. Since it basically BLEW MY FACE OFF WITH POWER, I call it a success.

Yes, you can create a seal/sigil and supercharge the lines of the thing with crystals. The crystals are acting as "anchors" for the seal itself, as well as boundary keepers.



Feel free to shamelessly copy the layouts presented here; they're all intuitive and I hope people use them or ones like them. Gridding is all experimentation. And yes, you CAN use runes or marked stones in a grid, absolutely. Try anything and everything.

Can you make a grid with non-crystal items? Definitely. Everything has energy and travels in pathways, so give it a try.

Now, when setting up a grid, do you need to charge it? Sometimes. If you want a grid for finance, set up the grid and then use an Anchor that makes sense. Coins charged for luck or money charged for your purposes can work.

You don't need to charge a grid used as a meditation aid, intent is enough there.

Do you need to cleanse crystals used in a grid? Depends on type. Quartz will self-circulate if in a grid with quartz. Hematite will ground forever. Other stones, it depends. Feel it every now and then, it's how I do shit.

Where should I stick a grid? Depends on purpose. Protection? Maybe in a vulnerable part of the house. Finance? Maybe by your checkbooks? Healing? By your bedside. Journey stuff? I'm fond of the floor, personally. Sock drawers are fair game, too.

Feel free to comment with questions to add here.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Full Moon Poetic License

Tonight, I pled my case. I went before the Powers That Be (the higher ones) and I asked for a change in plan. I asked for certain things to happen. I was promised some things.

I was tested; I was placed before the Under-Gods and my heart judged against the feather of Ma'at; I was seen through, clear, like glass, and looked straight into. I was devoured by the night and broken into shards of glass. My book was read; my intention visible to Them and nothing but truth laid before us like a river. Anointed in oils of the full moon, I was seen and contemplated.

There was speaking without words and threads of fate being wound; there was a chrous of 3, 'Let it Be', and there was movement and life and spirals and seals.

They think it's pretty ballsy when once of Us comes before them with a request, so They're likely to grant it on spunk alone. In any case, we shall see.