Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Care & Feeding of Crystal Grids

As you may have observantly noticed in my altar photos, I have easily a hundred tumbled and rough gemstones.

However, they do have a function besides looking pretty, sometimes. I'm a big fan of using Crystral Grids, or very deliberate arrangements of types of crystals in a pattern, to do things.

If you want to find a better way to cleanse crystals besides the usual soft methods like moonlight or water, this can help you out. It can be used to cleanse or charge objects, to anchor a house or provide a pathway for spirits, to protect a room from intruding forces, or a whole lot of other things.

I tried crystal grids a long time ago when I saw them in books, and frankly they never worked for me. Gridding is very intuitive. I know the basic uses of each stone and how they work for me, and I know the purpose I want them to have. The two come together in my mind and I place where it 'feels' right. So can you do a grid wrong? I don't really think so. You can only do a grid that doesn't resonate very well.

When making a grid, try to educate yourself on your stones. Do you know Jasper (red stone) really can't stand being next to Red Coral (High-octane root stone) because there's TOO MUCH POWER? Why not mediate with a Hematite or Tiger iron? Gridding is an act of balance, and too much in one area can throw your purpose off. Feel out what feels right. If you make a grid and aren't sure, place your left (or receiving) hand over the invisible "lines" in the grid. If it feels wonky, alter some elements until you get what you want.

Firstly: Terms. In all of my pictures I have certain words written I like to use, such as:

ANCHOR: Usually the grid-center, the thing around which the grid centers. A focal-point.

BOUNDARY HOLDER: The stone-row that keeps energy from flying anywhere. Think of this like a stone circle that contains the intricate system inside of itself. Can really be any shape.

DIRECTIONAL STONES: Stones that are directing energy through the system or to another place in the grid, or out of the grid to its destination.

PRISM: A lynchpin stone that takes energy from multiple stones and translates it to a concentrated stream of energy.

GUARDIAN:  When using a representation of Deity or an existing guide/creature they become a Guardian figure. They stabilize or direct the grid.

PUSHING IN/DRAWING OUT: Explanation of which stone is "pushing" energy and which are "drawing" energy from the others. Basic.

PERMANENT/TEMPORARY: Some grids work better out all the time, and some are meant to be temporary because they have one function, then dissolved when function is complete. I try to specify.

Now, on to examples. I have taken the liberty of drawing in how the energy "moves" for ease of understanding my grids.


This grid is meant specifically to draw gnarly energy out of objects and purify them at the same time. Use it with bracelets you wear, pendants, items you use for protection. It works faster than the full moon and you don't have to be awake for it either.

The hematite serves as the grounding agent for the shite, because hematite is the universal drawing stone. The quartz point rids the piece of the shite as well, while purifying it. The hematite forms a natural system of some stones pushing bad energy out, and forcing good energy in, hence the drawing out/pushing in design.

Usually a temporary grid.


The universal cleanser grid, for anything. This will probably rid a whole room of stupid energy if put in the center, especially if grounded in a bed of fine sand. It keeps the energy circulation going, good for feng shui probably.

Mostly comprised of clear quartz, the universal cleanser. This is meant as a mostly closed grid to encourage energy movement. Square is the natural shape for a solid, permanent grid like this. Other supporting crystals are Selenite, a very high vibration stone that never needs cleansing, and amethyst points, the universal directors. The quartz acts as the boundary holder.

Can be left out because the energy recycles. Could be used as a permanent grid.


A grid specifically for something you want to overcome. Bonus points if it's an inner hurdle.

This grid aids the user in pushing through a boundary, which is the role of the top stone. The middle fool's gold becomes the anchor (since this grid is about the energy of the fool.) The outer green stones, ranging from Malachite to Goldstone to some Unakite and Jaspers, hold the circle boundary, which the user wants to overcome.

The energy of the Fool aids the user to push through the boundary.

Meant to be temporary.


A grid meant to aid the healing process, physical or mental. The Rune is Dagaz.

Mostly clear quartz again, with a massive chunk of blue Calcite, a strong Higher Realms stone, in the center anchor spot. Selenite makes another appearance as it drives negative shit out. 3 quartz points sit at the top, to direct the energy toward the user.

Could be permanent by the heal-ee's bedside, as it works well on dreams.


A grid designed to aid in love, especially of the self.

The soft, calming energies of the pink agate stones on the outside boundary make this a very pleasant, quiet grid. The center quartz serves at the anchor for this grid, and pushes energy into the agates.

The agates direct their energy to the rose quarts and amethyst toward the bottom, which pushes through the prism stone, another pink agate, at the bottom. Is an excellent grid to meditate with. The user is meant to sit in line with the bottom stone, so as to receive that focused energy.

Would work as a temporary grid for meditation purposes.


Since I know you people will ask me for this.

Would you believe I actually did not realize this was an upside down pentacle until I drew the star in??? I guess that's how you know it's working.

Anyway, Goddess pendant of choice in the middle, with clear quartz supporters and amethyst points to direct energy in and out at the same time. Point in the center for Divine connection.

This could be expanded to be HUGE, with the drawing person in the center of a 4-5 foot grid of quartz and amethyst holding a quartz point. Would get ridiculous results.

Best used as a temporary grid since it could be really fucking effective.


Specifically designed to aid Shamanic journey to the Underworld.

The two boundaries in the grid are broken on purpose, to allow the Meditator entrance into the grid itself. Meant as a stepping stone into the mindset needed for the journey to the Underworld, the Guardian figure at the top is my own personal Guide for that place. It can be replaced with a talisman or fetish. The Grid functions as a portal opener.

The central Tiger Iron is a mix sphere of Hematite, Tiger Eye and Red Jasper, my 3 Go-To Underworld stones. It has millions of tiny layers and aids with meditation.

In the inner ring we have carnelian and a fuckload of red jasper; the outside is mostly hematite, to keep the Meditator within the circles of themselves.

Meant for temporary meditative use, because this gate can also let shit out, so don't leave it out.


Why yes, you CAN use fossils in a grid. How did you know?

If I had to describe this one, I would say 'defense'. It feels like a fucking 2,000 year old brick wall is erected when you make it.

The fossilized Amonite shells are arranged so their spirals "catch" the energy from the last shell and "fire" it to the next in a concentrated burst. The middle (anchor) Amonite shell would serve as an excellent way to confuse an intruder and catch them. The other stones (fossilized wood and geodes) serve as the power to keep the grid running. Also featured are a Shaman Stone, Rutilated Quartz and Ocean Jasper.

Could be used as a permanent household defense/confusing maze against intruders.


This was an experiment in grid-making combined with physical seal-writing. Don't try to understand the writing; it's in astral language.

I'm a seal-maker by trade so I was curious to see what would happen if I super-charged a written seal with physical crystals. Since it basically BLEW MY FACE OFF WITH POWER, I call it a success.

Yes, you can create a seal/sigil and supercharge the lines of the thing with crystals. The crystals are acting as "anchors" for the seal itself, as well as boundary keepers.



Feel free to shamelessly copy the layouts presented here; they're all intuitive and I hope people use them or ones like them. Gridding is all experimentation. And yes, you CAN use runes or marked stones in a grid, absolutely. Try anything and everything.

Can you make a grid with non-crystal items? Definitely. Everything has energy and travels in pathways, so give it a try.

Now, when setting up a grid, do you need to charge it? Sometimes. If you want a grid for finance, set up the grid and then use an Anchor that makes sense. Coins charged for luck or money charged for your purposes can work.

You don't need to charge a grid used as a meditation aid, intent is enough there.

Do you need to cleanse crystals used in a grid? Depends on type. Quartz will self-circulate if in a grid with quartz. Hematite will ground forever. Other stones, it depends. Feel it every now and then, it's how I do shit.

Where should I stick a grid? Depends on purpose. Protection? Maybe in a vulnerable part of the house. Finance? Maybe by your checkbooks? Healing? By your bedside. Journey stuff? I'm fond of the floor, personally. Sock drawers are fair game, too.

Feel free to comment with questions to add here.


  1. This is awesome! I first learned about grid work recently, as lots of Etsy sellers that carry crystals or do readings and other intuitive work are doing it. Now I'm seeing it everywhere, but this post was the first explanation I've come across that was easy to understand as a total beginner. Thanks for the intro, and the permission to copy your layouts! This is really interesting stuff. Let me know if you can recommend any good books or articles on the subject.

    1. As for books, I got tired of the vague this somehow does this nature of their explanations, so I began working with energy myself to really get how it moved and behaved. I've never found a good book that explains this, to the point where I wonder sometimes if people really know what happens in grid systems. I also got tired of crystal books that recite the same tired shit about crystals without allowing for crystal personality. So I'm a bit jaded in that department lol.

      But I'm glad you found this understandable, I'm considering doing a second post on more advanced gridding soon. Like grids for tarot exploration and grids for existing seals or symbols :)

  2. Brava! I loved this. Thanking for clearing up some confusion I had related to crystal grids. I remember watching some CharmingPixieFlora videos on YouTube (back in my new-to-Wicca-and-Paganism-in-general days), but those were too confusing and made it seem complicated. I do have a question tho: What if you want to purify/cleanse and charge a hematite bracelet according to Grid 1? Would the energy be bouncing back and forth from the bracelet to the hematite? (Is it supposed to bounce back and forth? ._.)

    1. Hematite, non magnetic at least, can be made to work in a grid like positive and negative polls. I can literally tell the stones, you push , you pull, etc. Unprogrammed, the nature of hematite is to draw from, so the bracelet would be in the anchor position and all hematite around told to draw. What you're actually drawing out is negative shit inside the stone and not stone energy itself, so it should work anyway. Ramble ramble

  3. hey, you could've used turritella agate in your fossil grid as well; great work

  4. Really enjoyed every bit of this, very frank,unique and helpful! I want to grid around my fav big tea canister to infuse with awesome energies or boost it..any tips on which crystals to use for black teas or to boost nutrition or any other ideas on it please? Thank you,and please post more like this or let me know if you have a book on grids or crystals,i would be interested in purchasing. :)

  5. Information here about crystal grids is clear and simple.I have one grid that i have a question on grid9,your sigil/seal supercharger what are the stones that you use for this grid,i'm not good at identifying stones from photos well and still learning about stone/crystal identification.Thanks Andy

  6. Thank you for this very thorough, yet easy to understand explanation. I am just getting into grids, even tho I've had crystals and stones for years!

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  8. Thank you for this very thorough, yet easy to understand explanation. I am just getting into grids, even tho I've had crystals and stones for years!

  9. awesome post! I am new to crystal work and am trying to draft a grid for willpower (of the self-love and long-term achievement variety). I was wondering what your philosophy on crystal knowledge is - do you incorporate much of other people's teachings or is it all intuitive? I have been feeling, meditating with, and generally investigating my crystals and I feel nothing, not the same "electricity" and connection I feel with my plants. It feels a bit like fumbling around in the dark.

    Thank you!