Monday, June 4, 2012

Full Moon Poetic License

Tonight, I pled my case. I went before the Powers That Be (the higher ones) and I asked for a change in plan. I asked for certain things to happen. I was promised some things.

I was tested; I was placed before the Under-Gods and my heart judged against the feather of Ma'at; I was seen through, clear, like glass, and looked straight into. I was devoured by the night and broken into shards of glass. My book was read; my intention visible to Them and nothing but truth laid before us like a river. Anointed in oils of the full moon, I was seen and contemplated.

There was speaking without words and threads of fate being wound; there was a chrous of 3, 'Let it Be', and there was movement and life and spirals and seals.

They think it's pretty ballsy when once of Us comes before them with a request, so They're likely to grant it on spunk alone. In any case, we shall see.


  1. Venus transit indeed.
    Lovely altar, btw. Are those tumbled hematite stones I see?

    1. Yes indeed. I have maybe 14 of those babies because I love that fuckery. I'm also obscenely proud of my quartz point.

      My next post will most likely be on the construction of crystal grids for various purposes.