Monday, June 11, 2012

Petitioning Ganesha

Though I have a whole shitload of respect for Hindu Deities, I don't make a habit of working with them on average. I also don't really make a habit of going before Deities I don't really work with and begging, more or less, to be seen. The Deities I do work with are more like coworkers. But in a moment of desperation I remembered Ganesha, the obstacle remover.  


So I did the respectable thing and asked if he would hear my case and help out. He said he would, and asked for oranges, which I'm waiting to still from my fridge downstairs. I went out and bought a nice 6 dollar figure of Ganesha so I could better focus my mind and offerings. To be fair I've always liked Ganesha as an energy, and have wanted a statue for a long time. So it feels good at the base of my Kuan Yin statue. The new candle I bought is Baltic Amber.

I also bought this tiny Buddha figure because I felt that Ganesha needed a mirror statue on the other side. In later reading I understood he is sometimes portrayed with a nameless servant, so the feeling I had makes some sense. 

 EDIT: Finally snagged on orange! Feels much better now.


  1. What a perfect offering! Ganesha love fruits, sweets, and nuts. Jai jai Ganesha!

    1. He specifically asked for oranges and I was lucky enough to nab some! I've always liked Ganesha as an energy/Deity. Makes me happy to finally work with him.