Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crystal Scarf Grid

So the Powers That BE seem to be dragging me head first into my healing duties again. I picked up a few stones today, and this gorgeous green scarf, because it literally was calling to me, saying USE ME IN YOUR HEALING DUTIES!!! So I bought it.

I laid it out on the floor and realized...I needed to put crystals on it. I had the itch. I did, and realized the scarf is a giant crystal grid blueprint. Fuck you universe, I get it. But fuck you. I love when things like this happen. Sudden moments of epiphany. I guess back to healing it is.


  1. I think this is amazing! I've been reading a few of your grid posts and find them fascinating! To find something like this, to be called to it like that, is just awesome!

    So, I was nominated for an award, and in turn I've nominated you! Here are the details:


  2. I had exactly the same experience with persian rugs.

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