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PBP 19: Psychic Surgery: What it is, How it works, and Why it works

In my last post on Shamanic Healing, I mentioned a technique of energy healing much different from most of the ‘mainstream’, teachable ideas. I called this technique Psychic Surgery. I was asked to elaborate some on this technique, so why not make it a full-out mammoth post like I always end up making?

Because I like my definition of psychic surgery, imma quote it here.

Original Post: Shamanic Healing & Soul Landscapes

My way of healing I have seen referred to as 'Psychic Surgery', which is the process of locating chunks of energy blocks and removing them from the body. Often I scan the body first, and pain feels like a hot, spiky ball of black gunk to me. Pretty, is it not. Then I project my astral body through the skin (usually just my hands), reach around the block and physically wrench it out. Either I do this astrally or in extreme cases I have to actually pull my hand away from the body to get it out quickly and in one piece.

So, essentially, Psychic Surgery is so-named because you can go so far as to remove physical pains (and in some case actual tumors and maladies) inside the physical body utilizing nothing but energetic means.

But how does that work, Dusken? You say. Chances are, if you were born into a country that’s big on Western medical procedure, this sounds crazy or impossible. There’s a good reason for that. Western vs Eastern medicine have a few key differences we need to discuss before you can understand how energetic healing can affect the physical body.

Western Medicine

+Believes the symptoms one experiences as a result of dis-ease in the body are the result of physical problems/abnormalities in the body.

+Believes to treat physical symptoms one uses physical substances. These drugs/substances are extracted from herbs and other synthetics, combined in labs, and administered to the physical body to stop said symptoms.

+Rejects the idea of a subtle energetic body because it can’t be measured yet by medical instrumentation.

+Has its uses in situations where the body is in crisis and is more or less incapable of saving itself. (When the body degredation is very high.)

Eastern/Alternative Medicine

+Believes the symptoms one experiences as a result of dis-ease in the body are the result of mental, physical, energetic, or a combination of these, sources.

+Believes to treat these problems we can use a variety of things. Herbalism, for instance, uses the whole plant, unaltered or synthesized, and helps the body heal itself. The body is regarded as the healer; the herb is the upholder of the healer. Western medicine says the body must be ‘forced’ via drugs to handle itself.

+Accepts the existence of energy pathways in the body (called ‘meridians’) that can become blocked and, when blocked, can cause physical and mental symptoms. Methods like Accupuncture and Accupressure seek to cleanse these pathways to alleviate pain and other symptoms. Chakric cleansing also falls under this idea.

+Excels in preventative medicine (healing the body before anything gets the chance to get to a crisis point), however if you ask ME energetic healing can heal things Western medicine deems irreversible like advanced stage cancers etc etc.

So as you can see by my beautiful diagrams, the big element missing from Western medicine is the idea of the energetic/Spirit as present in healing. So if you look at psychic surgery from a Western standpoint, you’d be like, that makes no fucking sense.

Look at it from the Alternative/Eastern standpoint, and you’ll understand the triangle of healing. The body, mind, and energy all contribute to dis-ease and all can be utilized to take dis-ease away.

Tons of people from the West love to scoff at Eastern/Alt medicines and their idea of Spirit/Energy as having a part in healing. I dunno, I'm a fan of the idea that if a healing method has been around for thousands of years before your method of healing, it probably works and you probably need to actually try it before you discount it for not fitting into your ideas, which are much much younger.

Let’s take this headache diagram I made, for example.

From an Alt. Medicine/energy healing standpoint, this is what a headache is to me. 

It's physical head/neck/eye pain, it's mental slowness/hard to think, plus emotional irritability because of the other symptoms, and it's nasty blocks in the energy pathways of the third eye, throat and crown chakras, depending on type of headache.

As it was taught to me, Dis-ease has to exist in all 3 planes of existence within the body at once. (Energy, Mental, Physical) If one of the corners of the triangle is targeted with treatment, the pain can no longer exist, because everything on Earth itself exists in that capacity. (Mind-Body-Spirit) Everything on earth has a measurable energy field and a physical body at the very least.

So, following this logic, Western medicine can treat this headache from the lower right corner--with drugs to stop pain, and this works, because it's removing one point of the triangle. Remove a point and the pain collapses.

Alternatively, one could treat this from a combined mind-body approach, with Yogas. Yoga could both calm the mind AND remove the bodily pain through stretch and practice. The pain collapses.

The way I work, with psychic surgery, and the way Reiki works, more or less, is focusing on the top of the triangle. If I remove the energetic frequency of he pain, or I locate the pain in the correct spot in the energy field, and I can successfully remove or unblock that pain, the pain collapses. It no longer can exist in the mind or body because I have removed a point of the triangle, the energetic signature/component of the pain, and so the pain collapses.

So, that's why I can "rip" blockages from a person's head, and their headache will dissipate. I hope the idea makes more sense now.

So, moving on. How do you do psychic surgery/learn it?

The problem is this method is sort of no teachable. You need to be kind of shown how to do it via Spirit. But it's very hands-on. You need to sort of keep trying and failing at it before anything is learned. It's not something I can transfer teacher to student or anything, it's very individual.

I think I gravitated towards this because many Shamanic cultures practiced a variation of psychic surgery. It makes sense to me to directly zero-in on a problem and remove it, rather than flood the body with non-specific white light and hope it works or something. 

So, steps to Shamanic healing.

1. Familiarize yourself with Energy pathways.

Above is picture of Energy Meridians as understood in Chinese medicines, courtesy of Wikipedia.

I think there's definite value in understanding and looking into the energetic ideas of the body from many cultures. The Chakra system and the Chinese systems are just two. Many different Shamanic cultures had ideas of the body/soul/energy structure too. Find ones that make sense, and experiment with your own body. Sense how your energy moves and directs itself.

2. Familiarize yourself with Anatomy too.

Yes, you need to have a working knowledge of where shit is in your body to know how to heal it. Common sense, yo. I need to know which Chakra corresponds to intestinal problems vs stomach problems to know how to approach that better.

3. Do Energy exercises.

Very important, people. Start out small, by creating energetic balls and throwing them at people. Feel the tug of energy between your palms. Then, try to sense energy in your own body. Sense your aura. Sense other people's auras. Get your hands accustomed to feeling energy. Generally, when I heal, I know it's happening because my hands will get extremely hot, especially if on another person's body. This is how I know my energy is leaving the body in long distance healings. Familiarize yourself with your energetic cues.

4. Learn to ground really well.

The added danger of psychic surgery as compared to other methods is that you're drawing blockages "into" your hands, more or less. You're pulling out, instead of pushing your own energy in. So if you're not careful you're going to block up your own energetic paths in the hands. Learn to ground very well, and to dispel energy from your hands into the ground/black crystals/clear crystals.

5. When you're ready to try, start small.

I will say when you start experimenting, it's really much easier to try psychic surgery on somebody else. Will it be awkward? Yeah, probably, bro. I practiced on other people's headaches. Why headaches? I don't know. I have always found them easiest to remove. That, and nausea. 

Why is it better to use a friend? If you're in headache pain and you're trying to focus enough to direct and pull blockages out, it's not going to be a fun time. It's hard to think with a headache already, and you're creating a sort of feedback loop by trying. It's much easier when you're not in pain to begin with.

I recommend finding a pagan friend with a headache, and asking them if you can practice psychic surgery stuff on them.

6. Listen to your body/intuition.

This is where it gets tricky. Depending on the pain, I will get the urge to place my hands upon and body differently.

 As you can see from my utterfly wonderul depiction of hands (haven't drawn them in ages, yo) these are how I'll approach headaches differently.

Sometimes, I feel the urge to hold my left hand (that's my drawing hand) 6 inches away from the third eye, and draw blocks out that way. Sometimes, I want to draw from the base of the skull, sometimes from the back, sometimes from above. (I have made spiral circles to show you the points I like to draw from.)

This is the part where I can't teach you where to place hands. Depends on what you feel is right. Just focus on the pain they have and feel out where to put your hands.

7. Begin psychic surgery.

There is where I try to describe to you what I visualize when I perform psychic surgery.

I focus on Chakric healing, mostly. So for a headache, I hold my hand/both hands a few inches from the third eye. Then, I close my eyes and focus. I visualize my "astral" or energetic hands reaching INTO the skull, through the third eye, and I can "feel" blocks like giant handholds of nasty energy.

I "grab" these blocks with my energetic hands, and I visualize pulling them from the skull, out of the third eye. Sometimes I feel the need to drag my hand away from the skull in a real pulling action. The energetic pull feels more or less like dragging thick taffy away from a surface.

Sometimes I have visuals of the third eye being a door into someplace like a giant room, filled with black clumps of nonsense, and I have to clear the room. What you use doesn't matter. What does matter is that you "see" your energetic hands reaching into the body and you feel the pulling sensation of grasping and removing those blockages.

For whatever problem there is, I visualize a door, visualize going inside the body itself/the chakra, and then pull clumps of gross blocks out until I feel I am finished. This can take a while, be warned.

During the block removal process, YOU might feel tingling or unpleasant "spike" feelings in your hands. This is from the block energy. You might want to "throw" these blocks away from yourself, or better ground them into a stone you hold in the hand you draw with. The stone will create a barrier between your body and the block, so you don't have accidental blocks, too.

During the block removal process, THEY might feel a tugging or unpleasant sensation while the block is being handled. This is normal. Especially with severe headaches, forcibly removing the block might temporarily increase pain. This should abate after the healing is complete.

If done right, you removing the last traces of energetic pain will remove the pain. For those who assume this is placebo, I've performed this technique on people who were not aware, and also on complete and total atheists who asked me to prove that this works. If anything, they were resisting and I succeeded in removing a huge migraine from the back seat of a car. (2 feet from her) So yeah, there's some real shit to this technique.

8. Optional step: Flood the newly opened chakra with energy.

This is the opposite of psychic surgery, but I'll sometimes push cleansing energy into a pathway I just opened, to make sure it's good. I'll usually do this for specific types of pain/cramps too. Just make sure you're drawing from another source's energy and you're not using your own.

9. Ground some more!!!!

For real. Psychic surgery can be dangerous if you let blocks sit in your hands. Ground that shit.

I hope this explains the process a little better for you guys. As always, feel free to comment/email with questions and etc.

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