Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wherein I Finally Take a Clue x 4 to the Face

SOMETIMES, the universe is trying to give you advice and you need to stop fighting it and bend over and take it. This is one of those times.

I've been getting frog signs for weeks, people.

It started during a garden trip to Longwood Gardens, where there were frog statues everywhere. I felt a tingling in my heart of hearts, but ignored it.

Then there was a real frog in the lilypad area at said gardens. Just one, but he was adorable.

Then, there was a weird prevalence of frogs on my feed. On the internet. In pagan stores. Frogs. I brushed it off.

I go to another large garden park, and there's another single frog in the lake near me. I begin to realize some shit is up.

Then, frog signs. On cards, on books, mentioned in books, and I finally broke down and bought myself a little gemstone frog, because I realized maybe I have a frog guide or something. I was done with it.

I went to the Zoo on Wednesday. As soon as I get to the frog exhibit, pictured above, the frog started spazzing out, twitching like crazy, then going dead still. Over and over for like 15 minutes. I said, Duly noted, and forgot about it.

Fast-forward to tonight. I'm down the shore, it has rained for 2 days, we have a 3 inch lake in my backyard, which is just dirt and rocks. Then, a frog literally started croaking hours ago. Regular croaks, every few seconds, for hours. I have never seen frogs down here, this close to the ocean, with no lake around. How the fuck did a frog get into my fenced in shore house backyard?

Then came the third eye headache. Oh no, I thought. I know what this means. Forcible Journeying.

Then, my guide K came in, way too excited. Which only happens when he's drugged somebody or fucked up really bad, neither of which was good. I put two and two together.

"Okay, I'll talk to the frog," said I. And then my fate was sealed.

Next thing you know, I notice the huge fucking white Spirit-frog outside my window. And it's all 'GET ON MY BACK!' So I do, and then the seeming-cocaine-filled-journey began.

I suppose I was asking for this with the earlier post I made. It was like a roadmap to ridiculous.

I should also point out it's been a long, long time since I've actively worked with a guide on my own shit other than K. I never really had Animal guides for long, because K was the constant. I just don't think there was need. So for a Frog to specifically call me to HER and say, you, you're mine, we have things to do? That's rare. This is some big business if she's calling me to her.

Basically, I went/got forcibly journey'd to Frog Kingdom, which is like its own pocket of the Underworld. Which, apparently, in Frog Kingdom, people are caterpillar sized. Everything was MASSIVE. Alice in Wonderland style. Blades of grass were tree sized compared to us. The only thing bigger than the landscape are, well, the frogs.

Basically, I was told to go consult the King Frog before attempting to find my guide. Out of politeness, you understand. So, now you're caught up, what follows is the verbatim part of the journey I'm allowed to share.


There was much walking, eventually across a lake filled with giant lily pads. I rode K {in arctic wolf form} across, and through another grass-clearing was Sha-man, chilling in front of a fire.

{Sha-Man is an artfully named Human Shaman guide of mine. The only one I know of, to date. But he shows up when my life needs some putting in order, then usually ducks out.}

He basically told me the same thing about my Guide in this place, and that the Frog would bring me into the next phase of my work, because the last phase was coming to a close. He then said I’d see him again, and promptly disappeared.

More walking, eventually into a forest littered with patches of sunlight. On the way there we passed through a cave that glowed with drawings on the walls, from the crystalline inside.

The clearing in the forest was a large lake surrounded by 3 stumps. There was a huge King Frog, and a bullfrog on either side of him. They didn’t speak, just croaked, and had to be interpreted.

I stated my Shamanic Name, and my purpose in finding my Guide, who I was told was marked for me and waiting. They agreed to my purpose provided I left two mushrooms at the exit before I left. At that point, a stone platform appeared across the water from beneath the King Frog. We bowed to the other, and parted ways.

K and I entered another cave, a multi-level cave containing rivers, outlets and small waterfalls and pools. It also seemed to glow from the inside, and had a skylight in the ceiling. K told me, this is where I leave you. She’ll test you now. See you on the other side. And next thing I knew I had to enter the water.

I tried going Snake (Shapeshifting-style), and I heard her voice telling me only a Frog could navigate water like this. I became a frog. I tried to swim. She admonished me, saying no, you must be absolutely still. Frog means knowing when to keep still and let the current carry you. Then she said, Breathe. Being Frog means having faith the forces that carry you will not crush you. So I listened and began to feel the currents, completely frozen like a frog the entire time. The currents carried me to the bottom waterfall pool. She said, very good. Now, Rise. And I opened my eyes, and I saw the skylight at the top. I had to reach it.

I read the currents and nudged myself into the currents that would take me higher. I rode the caverns to the top, and when the currents shoved me into walls, I didn’t fight them. I worked with them to get into the correct currents. Eventually, I was in the top pool. I saw light above the water, and I dead swam towards it. I broke the surface, and saw that sky met pool in an ocean of stars, so close you could touch them.

The frog was made of star-matter, she looked like universe made material. And in that moment I thought the perfect form of matter was Frog shaped.

She sat on a large lily pad, in the darkness-that-wasn’t-dark. The lake was a mirror of the cloudless sky of stars. She called it The Lake of Stars. The heart of frog-land.

She held a glowing white ball between her forearms.

“Do you know this?” She asked me, of the ball.

“This is the soul. The soul is raw material. This is the soul, tempered into Infinity. Tempered by suffering, and war, and adversary, it becomes strong. It becomes unbreakable. That is why souls suffer.”

She told me “I will be your guide. I will teach you to trust the forces that guide you will not harm you, as the Frog trusts the river currents to not drown it. I am the voice of that-which-is-outside-you, and I contain many voices within myself. All of this, I was give to you. See me again at The Lake of Stars.”

And then she said, “Wake up.”


I consider myself bitch-slapped.

Tell the Universe you're tired of your work-phone being off the hook and ye shall receive, apparently.

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  1. "...That is what souls suffer."

    Shivers and cosmic goose-bumps.