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Working WITH (not ON) Crystals in Grids & Healing

{My hands are inside my crystal grid. I relax, I breathe in, out, three times. I close my eyes and I focus. I feel the grid, and myself, and I feel us integrating, twisting vines and threads of energy around each other. Feeling the other out. I keep the target in mind, and I open my crown chakra. I begin to flood the grid with energy: slowly, at first, then my hands warm as it becomes more energized. I push my energy through the grid; in this way I show the crystals how to move. I follow each path between the stones. Halfway through, we switch. I begin to pull from the top of the grid into the Tiger Iron sphere I'm holding. Inhale, pull. Exhale, push. In this way I lose myself; crystal and human and crystal, we are one entity, breathing and pulling and pushing. We rock, I rock, They rock, all of us on an energetic see-saw, as we remove the blocks. Eventually, I remove my hands. The Grid can continue without me now.}

If you have no idea what I'm on about go check the Crystals 101 Post and the Crystal Grid 101 Post.

I realized this week that although I had already written a post on how crystal grids work (in energetic terms) I didn't really stress or write about how to interact with them, the Crystals, as living beings themselves, within the Grid.

I didn't realize I was weird in what I did until I went on youtube and searched up 'crystal grid' videos. And every single person did this thing I considered very strange. Upon setting up the grid, they took a point of some sort, usually a clear quartz, and "activated" the grid with that crystal. As in, they would draw energetic lines through the air from crystal to crystal, showing the energy how to move. And that would be 'activating' the grid.

Now for some reason I got very indignant at this idea. Why would you need to force the energy to move with an outside crystal? I thought. Crystals know how to move energy through a grid. They have Will. 

Upon further analysis, I think I consider this method working "on" the crystals. Using them as energy points and forcing the activation on them. I've always worked "with" the crystals. I don't 'activate' my grids without literally getting inside them, joining into more or less One with the entire grid, and sharing my Will with the crystals themselves. It's like a "soft" activation compared to lazer-ing energy through a grid.

I use crystals primarily to aid me in energetic healing practice. I may place them in a grid or on the body, but "behind" the scenes I'm planting my hands in the grid or on the body to align myself with the crystals and carry out the purpose as one entity. This is hard to describe because it's a mix of strong meditation and letting the ego fade enough to become a Channel. (As my guide says "Fade, become a Channel." This has become a sort of mantra.) Your job isn't to DIRECT the crystals. Your job is to, as one Entity, carry out the Work.

 Just sticking crystals in a grid isn't going to help you, with no Intent. And I don't really think just "activating" a grid is going to necessarily do much either. You need to form solid relationships,  built on trust and repeated use, with each crystal in a grid before you can really maximize the effects of using one, or the crystals themselves.

Which brings me to my next point. How do you proceed to work with crystals you intend to use for Healing purposes, and how do you go about the healing Work?

Basics on Crystal Usage

When you first bring a crystal home from the shop, you generally have to cleanse it. However, not always! I've brought crystals home a gorgeous, well protected/zen Metaphysical store near my house that never need cleansing. The energy in the place is kept zen and circulated enough the crystals tend to self-cleanse. That's also the mark of a store that knows what they're doing.

But sometimes you have a crystal that's full of spikey energy nonsense. I prefer to leave them out in the sun to cleanse because I'm petrified of guessing wrong in the "will this rock dissolve in water or salt"? game. Selenite, for instance, dissolves in water. By the same totem, Red Coral loses color and stains in water. But Amethyst will fade with repeated exposure to direct sunlight. You need to know how to handle that.

{photo of new crystal grid}

So anyway, when I bring a crystal home, to the window it goes to acclimate to its surroundings. Sometimes I place them in a grid of only new crystals (as pictured above), to "get to know" the area. This is just a good practice when introducing new shit to your home. I don' let them "play" with my other stones for a few hours-days usually. It's like a quarantine period.

{photo of green obsidian}

The next step after that for me is taking the stone in my left hand, individually, and focusing on the energy feeling. I can pretty much pick up a purpose from the signature along. For instance, I picked up a piece of Green Obsidian and felt my energy being forcibly channeled and my hand pathways being opened up. I then consulted the Crystal Bible as a secondary resource, and the internet too, and found that's an amplification stone specifically good for Reiki purposes. I check energy first and resources second, and usually they match up. But always hold the Crystal energy of your individual stone above written explanations by others. Stones have very individual spirits and purpose.

Once I connect with the stone energy, I sometimes ask to talk to the Spirit of the stone. In some cases connecting with the energy is enough to give me "visions" from the stone on how to utilize it in healing and where to place it on the body. For instance, I asked my crystals for a channeled grid to use for stomach ailments. They showed me a 6-pronged circle grid and informed me how to carry it out. Crystals will tell you how to utilize them, and for what, if you take time to connect with the stone.

Just like my Consent posts, Crystals have consent. Be sure to ask before your intended use.

People speak of "charging" crystals for a purpose. I don't "charge". I show the Crystal spirit what I would like it to accomplish, and wait for an answer. If yes, I ask for a formal acceptance of what I would need it to partner with me for. If yes, that's it. The stone doesn't need to be formally "charged" with your will. It has its own will. You just need to explain what you need and formally ask it.

All that's involved in formally asking is sitting with the stone in the hands for meditating purposes, focusing, and asking. Even a pendulum can be employed.

{Picture of pendulum divination on a crystal}

Pendulums can also be employed for the Spirit-Deaf to divine if a stone cants to work with you/what it should be used for. 

Hold the pendulum above the stone, ask to speak with its Spirit, then ask if it even wants to work with you, first. Sometimes they don't. If it does, go through a list of purposes. "Are you good for healing? Defense? Balance? Channeling? Meditation?" and write down which answers you get a yes to.

In any case, before you formally use a Crystal, as I said, it's excellent to sit with it in meditation, or even carry it around with you. I do this with most of my stones. I take one with me a day when I really need that energy or assurance on me. This, combined with asking for consent from the Spirit and getting to know the stone, improves your use tremendously. This way, when I go to heal with that stone, I have a wealth of experiences with it to draw upon, so I can better use it. 

{Red jasper picture}

Example: This is my red jasper. It's the first crystal I ever bought. It has been with me for years, been through the wash many times, got lost, found, and came back repeatedly, and has always been a stone of comfort and courage for me. We have a history. So when I use that energy to heal, it's like employing and engaging with an old friend. The energy is much improved.

{Hematite necklace picture}

This was the first stone somebody else gave me. A hematite on a necklace, it used to belong to a Reiki master but she told me I needed to have it. This stone literally taught me to heal. Just holding it close to the body, it would "rip" blockages out and remove pain. I used this stone, focused, and channeled its energy, and eventually I began to be able to "rip", or perform psychic surgery, without the stone. I KNOW I can use this stone whenever I need to draw and it will work for me, without fail.

Building a history with your stones is as easy and using them in the ways they want, many times over. Practice makes perfect.

Some notes on 'cleansing' & Energizing

I disagree, obviously, with several popular crystal books/methods in this post. Here's another way I'm odd. None of my crystals need to be cleansed most of the time. I don't know if by virtue of placing them on my altar in a specific way they self-cleanse, or I just do a good job of keeping my room nicely energized and protected. But despite using them, they rarely need cleansing. I thought I was doing something wrong because all the books warned me about that. But not so. Sometimes you just don't need to.

{Picture of Clear Quartz on windowsill during storm}

At the same time, my favorite thing to do is match crystals with their 'like element'. My Quartz stones all carry very strong 'Storm' energy. They feel like cracks of lightning made solid. So I place my clear quartz points and stones on the windowsil during large thunderstorms, to absorb that energy.

I'll take my soft, calming stones to the beach to sit with me by the ocean (NOT IN IT LOL) to absorb that feeling. I'll leaving green stones in plants to aid growth but to also absorb that feeling.

I find this supercharges the stones and gives you another element of energy to utilize in healing practice.

{Picture of Anubis being Stone Guardian}

You can also place stones on Deity statues/near charged items to pick up some of that energy. Bast guards all my green stones (emeralds and calcites and Unakites) and Anubis guards my Shamanic red stones.

Utilizing this knowledge for Grids

Once you gasp the basic personalities/signatures of your stones and know their use, you can begin to build your own grids. (You can reference my original Grid post for how energy works in grids.) My grid choices are based on the energies of stones that I know will work well together. My high vibration Jaspers would not play that well with my low vibration, calming Blue Aragonite. There is an inherent energy impasse in that match.

By the same idea, if you're making a dream grid, stones that are purple (influence the third eye chakra), clear (crown chakra), and potentially orange (specifically for creativity and sometimes good dreams) are probably good choices. There are some stone conventions that make sense.

Using grids is a balance game. Too many conflicting energies and the grid will be confused and unstable. Too much of the same and it might lack purpose. What follows is an example of testing a grid and tweaking it due to imbalance.

This was meant to be a dream grid. The first night, the Lemurian Point pointing straight at my head was not fun. I turned the grid inward instead, added a Carnelian for certain elements of dreams, and activated the grid again. It worked better the second time.



Grids and Healing

There are a couple ways to use grids for healing. You can actually grid crystals on the body, depending on ailment. I usually have various grids streamed to me from the Crystals themselves based on where they need to go. I like to have the person lie face down and grid the crystals down their spine/back. Alternatively, for specific pains I grid the crystals around the area and sometimes on the floor.

You can dedicate a small floor grid to heal yourself or work on your own issues, too. I like to place something of mine I charge with my energy in the center of the grid, and then arrange the grid around that, so there's a consistent link to my energy field for the grid to do its work. Alternatively, you can always sit in a giant crystal grid. I recommend doing this for 30 minutes at a time at first or else you'll probably be high.

Grids and Long-Distance Healing

I personally utilize long-distance healing methods a lot, but I have trouble without using an 'anchor' for that energy. In the absence of having an item of the person/being that I can use, I came up with this grid. I "anchored" the person's chakra points to the star points on the healing cloth I use, and placed the corresponding crystal there. (The top is the throat chakra, and bottom is the root, and below that, a hematite.)

The purpose of this grid was to detoxifiy the body, so I sat at the bottommost edge of the grid, held a sphere of tiger-iron, and with my own energy "drew" toxins from the chakras from the top down into the ball. The little description I wrote at the beginning of this post is from this ritual.

These are just examples of how you can absolutely use grids for long distance and constant healing.

Crystal Healing and Grounding

The problem with using healing in conjunction with grids is if you're drawing your energy from the wrong source, you'll know almost immediately by virtue of being exhausted and drained. Why? When healing WITH crystals, you're asking permission to add their influence to channel, direct, and amplify your energy. So if you're using your own energy to heal, you're going to feel it a looot faster since the work is going much faster and much more powerfully.

When healing with hands or stones, I advise opening the crown chakra and drawing down energy from the higher planes. Earth energy works too. But make sure you are consciously drawing from a source other than yourself, else you drain your own chakras of energy and need a healing yourself! It takes practice to know what you're drawing from.

Sometimes I overcharge a grid with my own energy, and I ask the Crystals to take it from there because I'm accidentally drained. This is valid. In the case of inevitably fucking yourself up I suggest bathing in hematite. Not literally. Just stick that shit everywhere. And remember to ground.

Working with Carved Gemstone Animal Spirits 

{Picture of my gemstone Seal & Frog}

I dunno about you, but my gemstone animals have serious Spirits. The Seal has actually acted as an anchor point for a personal Shamanic guide of mine, and the Frog also has a strong Shamanic spirit attachment. I only buy gemstone animals when I'm very drawn to work with that Spirit.

Alternatively, gemstone animals can act as anchor points to guides, totems or servitors.

The same theory applies here. Ask if there IS a Spirit in the animal, and if it would work with you. Ask it what lessons it has to teach you. There can be many.

I find the carved stones has a much more specific purpose and energetic frequency than non-carved ones, as if the carving lends it pointed purpose.

As always, leave all questions and comments in the bottom. I just felt the need to elaborate a little more on my process for healing and such. And Blessed Lammas, by the way.

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  1. "They have Will."

    That is an idea that just doesn't even occur to most modern humans. Our culture teaches us that everything is inert and put here for us to use as we like. Even the concept that maybe our simian cousins might have thoughts and emotions is quite recent. Hell, the idea that human cubs, females, and those with darker skin might have thoughts and emotions is STILL being fought.

    ...sorry, this turned into an accidental rant. :(

    Great blog post! It got me to think about Will and Spirit, and how I might look for those in my "tools" and "belongings".

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who rarely feels the need to cleanse her stones and crystals. Like you, I don't know if they are self cleansing or what, but they just don't feel like they need it very often. The only exception to that rule is a necklace of tumbled amethysts that I use when I need to Dream. It tends to get gunky after a while. I prefer to cleanse with sage smoke. It works better than the more traditional sunlight/moonlight/water and isn't likely to damage anything.