Tuesday, September 4, 2012

7 Chakric Butterflies: Photo Post

Cross-posted this to tumblr.

As you may have realized, I day-job on and off facepainting at a theme park. The upside is I can paint whatever I want on my own face.

So I spent last week after my Reiki attunement painting Chakra themed butterfly designs on my face as the Reiki traveled through my system. Below are all 7 images, from root to crown.

Enjoy :D


  1. Wow ... you're female. What a pleasant surprise. Obviously I'm not a very astute reader.

  2. NICE (and very beautifully executed). I'm in cosmetics and do the same thing at work. "You're so creative" - little do they know I'm workinge Darke & Powerfulle Magicks. It's called eye_shadow_ for a reason, you know *knowing side-eye fist-bump*

  3. What a cool idea! I like the last butterfly the best, but that might be because of your expression. ;) You are very talented, and have a beautiful face.