Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dream Work: Progress & Tips for Dream Working

As you can see from the above, I bought myself some Dream Balm as part of my dream work. The Balm contains a lot of relaxant herbs, as well as herbs said to be good for psychic dreaming and dream rememberance. (It's from Rose Mountain, which sells delicious organic bulk herbs if you want.)

I had fallen kind of out of sorts with my dream work. A lot of chaos and emotional upheavel lately has prevented me from doing the proper sleep rituals, visiting Frog and doing the things to insure I remembered the dreams. I was having a hard time remembering them again, and it makes me far less comfortable when I CAN'T remember what went down.

So I had the brilliant idea to charge the dream balm for dream remembrance and astral travel.

And holy shit. Why didn't I think of doing this sooner, because I not only lived through past life memories, I saw some very voodou shit and basically had a new Guide HANDED to me and told WORK WITH THIS.

I'm still not 100 % at the remembering part, but essentially I sifted through memories of being shot. It honestly seemed like mob violence, like 1920s stuff. But apparently I was shot point blank and it happened so fast I didn't realize I was dead. The weird part was my family also treated me like I was alive, so I wonder if they were dead too. But I walked around and did things and followed a routine and never realized I was dead, until I tried to intervene with the mob a second time and a bullet went THROUGH me. I would say it was a metaphor but it felt faaaaar too familiar. So there's a good chance I spent some time as a wandering ghost after that mess. But it's true, you don't really feel the bullet. The next thing you know you're dead. At least for me it was.

Then, later, I came face to face with the 'mob boss' and here is where shit was weird. He had skull face paint a la Bawon in past dreams of the L'wa. Not only that, he had glowing red eyes, and in his nose which was more or less carved into in the shape of the skull nose, he had hundreds of tiny Veves and sigils. I have no idea what that's about, but that's probably SOME SHIT.

In dream 2, which I don't remember much again, Legba turned me into a skunk and told me to fight. I just remember being really pissed off because I couldn't get the skunk body to work, let alone fight, so what was I supposed to do with this? Then, I wake up.

I do this thing while dreaming which proves to me I have at least a modicum of control. If I see important symbols, I can actually feel myself in my mind holding on tightly to the symbol. For instance, I remember thinking to my unconscious self 'this is important' regarding the skunk. I rarely dream of animals in this context so when I do it's likely Shamanic. I also "imported" the past life memories into the second dream, so I woke up remembering both pieces of information. I also found this something I was able to do, so it's very interesting.

So I woke up and looked up Skunk as a Totem/Guide. And then, this.

'I will not tolerate abuse in any form.
I have power!
I will not let others use me.
I am a divine child!
I will sift out friends, keeping the good.
That is my responsibility!
Like the skunk, I will learn when to be disagreeable.
That is my right!'

So turns out Skunk literally is a totem of self respect and fighting/justified defense.

Well-played Legba. I actually can use that.

(Info from linsdomain. Totem dictionaries are the first thing I check before I actually work with the Guide. Don't put all of your stock into totem dictionaries. They are an OK starting point, but not the whole story.)

So I have some shit to sift through. But in the meantime here's some tips I have for dream working.


1. Use a salve or herbal packets in dream work

If you have herbs good for dreaming or have made of salve of them, you can charge it for Dream work. When I charge items I usually use candle energy. So I set up a candle, etch something into the wax, and create a conduit between the candle and my item. I hold the candle and charge it by flooding it with energy from my hands. (Now that I have Reiki I used that.) Once I feel like the candle is vibrating with energy, I burn it and let it charge the stuff for me. You can also directly hold the item and strongly see what you want it to do in your mind's eye, and then flooding it with energy. Really SEE yourself astral traveling, or remembering your dreams, or lucid dreaming. See yourself writing pages of remembrances the next day. Things like that. It's that simple to charge.

If you're looking for some dream herbs, I can recommend some.

Mugwort is known for giving strong, psychic/astral dreams.
Rosemary is protective for the dreamer.
Lavender is a strong relaxant and will facilitate easier sleep.
Valerian Root smells terrible, but is a powerful sedative. When taken in a tea it can more or less knock you out. Be very careful with Valerian because too much pretty much works like a sleeping pill and you can't wake up.
Lemon Balm is also a relaxant and prompts the body to release stress.
Peppermint and Spearmint are said to give dreams of great vision and clarity; sometimes remote viewing.
Skullcap is another herb that is said to induce psychic visions.

My salve has most of these herbs in it, so I'm having noticeable results with it. (From Rose Mountain!)

If you don't have a special salve or herbal packet, you can use regular lotion, honestly. If you have anything for the face that's best. I anoint the sides of my head/temples, and my third eye with my salve. I silently affirm that I will remember my dreams. The affirmation part is the most important part of dream working, because you need to train the subconscious to think the dream is important enough to file away for when you wake up.

2. Create a dream-space to prepare for take off.

Before entering my dream state, part of my ritual is consciously going to the Lake of Stars, where I meet my Frog guide, and preparing for dreams there. You can consciously create an astral/energetic/mental area you can go to before sleep that is meant to facilitate you remembering your dreams.

It can be a huge comfy area with pillows or a giant bed. The important part is that is contains your intent to remember your dreams. Go there and perform mental dream rituals. Light some incense, ask your Deity, or put on special clothes. The idea is to signal the brain that this is important. You might talk to a guide there. I often do, but I usually remember 0 about it the next day. That's okay. What has to get done gets done, whether you remember it or not.

3. Keep a record/dream journal.

Once you start having dreams peppered with symbols and shit you need to know, you're going to want to keep a record. I recently started having precognition dreams and I shat a wall when they came true. You need to know this stuff for records purposes.

Adding the dream journal to your morning ritual will aid in training the brain that this is important, that keeping track and remembering dream travel is important.

4. Optional: Create an object or Crystal Grid to focus the dream work

My subconscious is fucking unruly, so when I really am asking for specfic answers from my dreams, I create a charged focus point.

I have made crystal grids in the past to help focus my dream work, and definitely noticed a difference. You can use an object as a focus point, hung around or above the bed. A symbol or something that has meaning to you is important. Charge the item for whatever you want the answer to, then try putting it under your pillow. I have used Amethyst stones charged for remembering inside my pillow case so I don't lose them. It can be a simple string charm that you braid together with the intent of dream working and hang from your bed frame. Something.

But that's really all you need to do to simply prepare for dream work.

PS I promise the defense post will be out soon. It's extremely photo heavy and full of hard methods to explain.


  1. I would be really irritated if Legba turned me into a skunk.

  2. I am going to have to try some of these tricks. I have a journal in which I write down all things introspective and/or spiritual, including memorable dreams. It has taken me a half hour or more to put down everything, though, and I often don't have time when I have to get up for work. I should -make- time.