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Shadow Work II: Types

Shadow Work is the monolithic term that I and other uses for this kind of thing, but what it is and what are the types of work?

To define the term, to me Shadow Work means facing the dark parts of my life on purpose, instead of burying and sweeping them under the rug. It is a conscious and necessary process in which I choose to face these things on a regular basis. This process in turn keeps me healthier, more stable, and more prepared to handle trauma and emotional times.

(For the hows and practical applications, you'll have to wait until part IV)

Within this idea of Shadow Work, there are many approaches, and this often depends on WHY you're doing the Work.

I have divided it into:

  • Immediate or Emergency Shadow Work
This is what I consider shadow work in direct result of a traumatic or otherwise life-changing event. Doing Work to assist or aid with a recent death, a break-up, past abuse, assault, disease, divorce, and things of that nature. This is the most common type that I will do.

Additionally in my experience, this type of traumatic experience has the most likelihood of leaving the individual with fall-out that shadow work alone won't fix. This includes the obvious psychological trauma (which counseling can aid) but also the metaphysical fall out of soul-piece loss and cords and connections. It is common to have a single event cause a series of issues that need to be approached from several angles.

             + Assisted Shadow Work

             I put this under the first heading because it is possible to have aid from the Spirit worlds for your work, and indeed it might constitute a LARGE part of the work you do with a particular spirit. Granted you can be assisted in any case of Work, not just a trauma.

            Note the roles can be reversed. If a SPIRIT needs help with ITS traumas or its work, the individual can be brought on to bear witness and act as a support or aid system to the spirit. This sometimes occurs in people who work with spirits that need to cross; shadow work is often the last leg of the journey.

  • Self-Focused Shadow Work
         This is work that is undertaken as a direct result of a desire to change or focus on a particular quality of your own personality that you personally do not like. If you have deep seated anger issues, or anxiety, or problems trusting others, that's what this is for. It is usually long-term and can have many facets and layers, as issues rarely develop in a vacuum.

         For instance, my work on my self has been mainly in the area of my anxiety. So I sat down semi-regularly with myself to work on that. Additionally, I find this type of shadow work, the process of changing old habits and patterns, needs to be attempted on the fly to combat things often and repeatedly, versus emergency shadow work, which is in some ways FEELINGS ALL AT ONCE and becomes vastly better after.

            +Preventative and regular Shadow Work

         You can, in fact, do preventative shadow work. This is more like a check-in you do every so often to see how things are. You might not think there's anything bothering you anymore, but it's worth it to sit down, be silent, and really look very deeply into the well just to see. It's not a bad thing to clear the crap before it becomes bad.

  • Complex Shadow Work {Multi-Type}
         This is my name for work that encompasses emergency and self-focused at once, because let's face it, a lot of the time they are inseparable  So this just means yes, you can be working on SEVERAL issues at once, in the same work.

  • Multi-Lifetime Work
        This type is specifically referencing old, OLD issues you have left over from past astral lives or what-have-you. In many situations issues build and stay with us and they may not surface until several lifetimes later. In this life I did a ton of shadow work that centered in a life hundreds of years ago, in a different time, because it became apparent it was still bothering me. When you begin digging into your issues on purpose, you uncover a lot of shit. Some of it is ooooollllddd. Don't be surprised when this happens.

Note these are my definitions after doing this for a while, and you may have more, or less.

The reason I mention types is because in the next installment, which is on timing, I will be covering the fact that your timing largely depends on your issue, and it's very important to be mindful of why.

In the process of Shadow Work, often once you pull the plug on the bathtub of feelings, it doesn't stop. You will work with one issue, and solve it, and in solving that issue you unlock another you completely repressed, and another, and so on. This is why any type of Work should not be undertaken lightly, or at the wrong time.

More on this in part III!


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  1. I love this series! I think these different types tend to overlap a lot (as you admit). I find it very hard to put my shadow work into one category (self-focused tends to become multi-lifetime the more I look for instance) but I think it is interesting to think of all these different aspects. Thanks so much for these posts.